How To Jump-Start Your String Instrument Journey: A Beginner’s Checklist

Congratulations on beginning your journey to becoming a fully fledged violinist, violist, cellist or bassist! Simply for Strings are here for every step along the way on your exciting musical journey.

Starting a string instrument can be a daunting task. What do I need to start? What book will work best for me? What the heck is rosin?

Buying an instrument from Simply for Strings is a fun and hassle-free experience.

First things first: buying an instrument. Simply for Strings has an extensive range of instruments to suit any budget. Our beginner outfits include the main necessities: a professional setup, case and bow. More information on our instrument ranges can be viewed on our website or visit us in our stunning Red Hill store. 

There are lots of fun extras available for purchase from Simply for Strings when you begin your musical journey. Some of the essential extras include rosin, a cleaning cloth, a shoulder rest or rockstop, a music stand and a music book.

Rosin is hardened tree sap which provides friction between the bow and the string, which in turn creates sound. We love Berndardel Rosin, which is manufactured traditionally in France. This low dust, all-purpose rosin, is suitable for violin, viola, or cello, and is very popular with beginner students and professionals alike because of its precise attack and reliability in all kinds of weather.

A cleaning cloth is a life-long essential in your musical journey. We have created a specialised guide for all of your cleaning needs here.

Simply for Strings is Australia’s largest stockist of beginner and intermediate string instruments.

Buying your first string instrument can be a daunting experience. There is so much to learn about the world of string instruments. The Simply for Strings team of professional musicians, performers and teachers are here to assist in this exciting new purchase and will strive to make your experience a joyful one.

Another life-long essential for most violinist and violists is a shoulder rest. A shoulder rest allows the instrument to be comfortably sat on your shoulder, eliminating pain and tension so you can practise for longer!  All of our staff are able to provide a specialised recommendation for which shoulder rest which suit you and your instrument the most, however we love the colourful Everest Spring Collection Shoulder rests! 



A rockstop is a handy practise accessory for cellists and bassists alike, as it stops the instrument from slipping and sliding around on timber or tiled floors. Just don’t forget to label yours – those pesky things can go walk-about at home and school!

Simply for Strings stocks Australia’s largest range of instruments, bows and accessories for string instruments.

A music stand is an absolute essential for any beginner musician – you definitely don’t want to develop bad posture! We have a large variety available at Simply for Strings, with a colourful collapsible music stand remaining a firm favourite for beginners and professionals alike.

A wide variety of beginner method books are available, with all of our Simply for Strings staff available to provide personal recommendations. Essential Elements (available for all instruments) is an old favourite with most teachers, but Encore on Strings Music Maestros is quickly becoming an entertaining option for young students!