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Simply for Strings agrees: Don't Stop the Music!

Simply for Strings agrees: Don't Stop the Music!

Simply for Strings, Australia’s premier specialist string instrument store has donated over 40 string instruments, including violins, violas and cellos to the ABC’s Don’t Stop the Music campaign.

Founders Toby Cumpstay and Anna Andriolo believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience the gift of music. Simply for Strings has overseen its own instrument donation program since 2017. With the incredible support of our local community and the Australian public, we have been able to make this core value a reality.
To date, Simply for Strings has lovingly completed restorations and repairs on donated instruments, totalling upwards of $10,000. So far we have re-homed over 90 instruments including violins, violas and cellos, to disadvantaged families, regional communities and organisations, and schools in need of musical instruments.

The program began in earnest after the devastating impact of Cyclone Debbie. With countless homes, community organisations and schools damaged or destroyed, the need for a donation initiative had never been so imperative. We put the word out to our local community to donate any unwanted or retired violins, violas, cellos or double basses, and are still receiving regular donations to this day. With the kind donations from generous members of the public and our network of suppliers, we restore and repair instruments, making them ready to play, before carefully packaging and shipping them to new homes.

Don’t Stop The Music is a 3-part documentary series following the journey of primary school students in an underprivileged area of Perth as they embarked on a music program. During the series the benefits of learning an instrument was clear - higher attendance rates, improved concentration and confidence amongst the students. The Salvation Army has been accepting donations across Australia since the documentary aired, and Simply for Strings is incredibly proud to play a part in donating string instruments to aspiring musicians. Following the request for donations in November, more than 4200 instruments have been donated to local Salvation Army stores around Australia.

In addition to our community instrumental music program, 2018 was the inaugural year of the Simply for Strings Aspiring Musicians Award – two young Australian musicians who display outstanding passion and potential became benefactors of one of two high-quality violins that they possessed for the school year, to help propel their playing to the next level. A panel of string musicians, teachers and luthiers are now working through a record number of applications for the 2019 school year. Learn more about our Aspiring Musicians Award initiative here.

Simply for Strings continuously strives to provide musical opportunities to string musicians in need around the country, with more products, events, and services in the pipeline for 2019. If you have an instrument that you would like to donate to our donation program, then please get in touch with our friendly team. Who knows - your unused instrument might inspire a musician of the future.

Learn more about our Instrument Giving initiative here.

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