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Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set 4/4 (E - Ball End)

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This set contains: E-Silvery Steel Ball End, A-Aluminium, D-Silver, G-Silver.
Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre, offering outstanding playability and exceptional response at any of the dynamic levels. Evah Pirazzis have a complex sound, rich with overtones based on a brilliant core sound.

More Details

More Details


  • Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre.
  • very intensive and powerful, excellent for Soloists.
  • outstanding playability and exceptional response at any of the dynamic levels.
  • complex sound, rich with overtones based on a brilliant core sound.
  • enormous projection.
  • Evah Pirazzi strings translate every minute impulse from bow and fingers into beautiful sounds.
  • expressive, great nuances
  • enormous dynamic range
  • outstanding tuning stability
  • absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity


Customer Reviews (14)

Always consistentReview by Cameron
Consistently excellent strings (Posted on 28/05/18)
Great sounding stringsReview by Sherilyn
I bought these strings for my daughter, who prefers these strings over any other. Great sound and resonance. Shipping was prompt, got them to my door from interstate within 3 days. (Posted on 27/05/18)
Great strings, great serviceReview by Jo
These are always my strings of choice as they bring out the full potential of my instrument. They're vibrant and encompass both bright and mellow timbres. Whilst I'd recommend replacing them every 3-4 months of regular use (I usually manage every 6 months) as they lose their resonance, they're high quality strings that last ages and make great back up strings.

Received a great deal on these strings. They were available for immediate pick up. Really appreciate Simply for Strings accommodating my request to pick up in store at 5:10pm, and all with a smile. (Posted on 21/05/18)
Stunning tone and rich sound Review by Belinda
The strings have a beautiful sound that resonates with the violin. They are Lovely to play with and have a large range of tone colour. (Posted on 3/02/18)
Excellent strings that produce great soundReview by Phoebe
These are beautiful strings which I find all resonate and blend together to create a sparkling tone on the upper strings while also allowing for richness and warmth on the lower strings. (Posted on 6/12/17)
Good tone, long lastingReview by Cameron
Well made strings with a nice tone, last longer than other strings I've tried which corrode quickly with sweat from hands. (Posted on 20/11/17)
Favourite stringsReview by Marta
They were on sale at a very reasonable price & I prefer the tone to other strings I've used in the past. (Posted on 27/10/17)
Great and brilliant tone, wear quite quickly and e strings do rust. Review by Lachlan
I really enjoy this product, however the e string rusted after 2 weeks of playing, i clean my strings all the time and play professionally. the e string starts to lose its tone after 3 weeks, not ideal. If you are a student i wouldn't recommend, unless you wish to change your strings every month. (Posted on 14/10/17)
Beautiful ToneReview by Awe
I highly recommend this. Beautiful & mellow sound!!! (Posted on 4/06/17)
Incredible SoundReview by Paul
Absolutely love the strings, they have a rich, beautiful sound like no other. Take a while to wear in but when they do they sound amazing. (Posted on 6/03/17)
Very lovely stringsReview by Alister
These are a nice middle of the range string for intermediate players. They take some playing in ( as do all strings) but once worn in they are sweet sounding and responsive. (Posted on 11/11/16)
great soundReview by sham
these strings have a great sound, they do take a little playing in but they have a rich sound when they are at their best. (Posted on 14/04/14)
Full, rich sound that resonate well.Review by Allie
I love these strings, they resonate well. They do take a little while to adjust but once they do they give a very full and rich sound. (Posted on 21/09/13)
Singing tones and good forteReview by Shell
Lovely strings, give the violin a beautiful singing tone although take some 'playing in' to sound their best. Great for getting a great 'forte' too.
(Posted on 17/09/13)

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