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Help + Info Instrument Rental Program

With generous terms and excellent quality instruments, our rental program is ideal for the new beginner or those wishing to indulge their desire to learn a string instrument. Be quick to take advantage of our rental program as stocks are limited. We do offer a waiting list if stocks are unavailable.

Violins & Violas $24/month.
Cello $54/month.

*This is not a rent-to-buy program. Simply for Strings offers a limited number of hand-selected instruments for rental customers, these are not available for purchase.

Great Terms

  • Only a 3-month minimum contract to begin with then, if you chose to continue, your agreement is billed on a month to month basis.
  • You may change instrument size at any time during your contract (subject to availability).

Exceptional Quality

  • All our instruments are professionally setup and come with quality strings and bows.
  • Each instrument is inspected, played and tonally adjusted before being accepted into our rental program


  • We will fix any manufacturing faults free of charge (excludes strings and bow hair). Accidental damage such as knocks, drops and falls are not covered.
  • Rental Protection Plans are available for an additional $6 per month for violin or $10 per month for cello. The rental protection plan covers up to 75% of all repairs due to accidental damage.

Great Rental Extras

  • Friendly advice and helpful customer service.
  • Free rosin, luggage tag and cleaning cloth included with your rental.
  • Free tuning, adjustments and servicing during the rental contract..

Terms of Agreement

  • 1) The renter agrees to hire the instrument for a minimum period of three (3) months with three (3) month payment deposit taken up-front.
  • 2) If extended, the renter agrees to one of the following options:
  • -to be charged the monthly rental fee to the credit card listed on the same day of the month, each month after the initial 3-month rental period has lapsed.
  • -to be charged the full amount of the extension upfront on their nominated credit card.
  • 3) The renter agrees to notify Simply for Strings of any updated credit card details within 30 days of expiration or change. The renter must return the instrument within 24 hours if Simply for Strings are not notified within 30 days.
  • 4) The renter agrees to provide a copy of a current drivers' license and a valid credit card for security and identification purposes to Simply for Strings.
  • 5) If paying by bank transfer, the renter agrees to allow Simply for Strings to charge their credit card in the event that payment is not received within 3 days of the due date.
  • 6) If a rental payment is not received within 7 days after it is due, a $5 penalty will be charged per week for every week that the account is delinquent.
  • 7) Simply for Strings can declare a renter to be in default if;
    -The renter fails to pay scheduled rental payment and late charges within 30 days of the scheduled payment.
    -The renter fails to return the instrument to Simply for Strings by the agreed due date. Under this circumstance, another month's payment will be taken.
  • -The renter provides inaccurate or misleading information on the agreement.
  • -Any other circumstances that SFS feels endangers the safety of the instrument.
  • 8) If Simply for Strings declares the renter to be in default of this agreement, the renter must return the instrument within 24 hours or it will be subject to repossession.
  • 9) The renter agrees to insure the instrument or to cover the cost of the instrument against loss or damage (where Rental Protection Plan is not taken) and to pay Simply for Strings either the market value or full cost of repairs.
  • -If the renter has taken out a Monthly Rental Protection, Simply for Strings will cover the cost of damage up to 75%. Not applicable on string or bow breakages.
  • 10) All repairs must be carried out by the Simply for Strings workshop.
  • 11) Simply for Strings is not liable for any string breakages or bow damage while it is out on rental.

Rental ProgramReady to Start Renting?

We love talking to our customers, so feel free to call the store on 1300 739 293 to discuss your requirements. You can also email us your details and required size of instrument so we can get back to you with availability.


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