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Keep in Time and Stay in Tune with a Metronome and Tuner from our Collection

A trusty tuner and a metronome are essentials in every musician's toolbox, especially when you're playing string instruments. When you have the right tools, every practice session will be more worthwhile, and you can improve more quickly. Not to mention that you will sound better as well!

Simply for Strings offers a huge selection of metronomes and tuners that will help you practise more effectively and enhance your skills faster. We have various models for beginners and professionals that will help you gain the proficiency you need to play more advanced music.

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Why Use a Metronome and a Tuner?

These two musical tools are more than just fun accessories for musicians. They are useful tools that can help you develop a musical ear - a more precise sense of rhythm and pitch. These are some essential skills you need to become a successful musician.

What is a Metronome?

A metronome is a device that helps you stay on beat. It produces a click that you can time your rhythms to. Nowadays, you'll find a lot of digital versions of this tool. However, there are still the traditional ones consisting of a pendulum that swings back and forth at a constant speed.

What is a Tuner?

The tuner is used to ensure your instrument is "in tune" so it will hit those notes nicely when you play it. It measures the frequency of sound waves from your instrument and displays them on a dial for you to see, if you're using an electronic one. These are most commonly used for string instruments like violin, viola, cello, double bass and more.

Metronomes and Tuners for String Instruments

Here at Simply for Strings, you will have endless options for selecting the best metronome and tuner for your instrument. There are various kinds available based on the instrument you play and your needs as a musician. So, make sure to check out different types of metronomes and tuners.

  • Clip-ons - You can attach these to your string instrument and tune it on the go. Just clip it to the scroll or the bridge. Clip-on tuners are very easy to carry around from gig to gig and are best for beginners who want a simple tuning experience. These can serve as your official violin, viola, cello and double bass tuner whenever you need a quick check.

  • Electronic/digital - For something a little more advanced, you can opt for a digital violin tuner from Intelli and Korg. But their tuners and metronomes are not limited to violins. You can also use these as your cello tuner or double bass tuner.

  • Mechanical - If you want a classic look, we have a set of mechanical metronomes from Wittner that will remind you of an old-school music studio. They come in different wooden designs to match your instrument.

Consider a High-Class Violin Tuner from Simply for Strings

Simply for Strings has been providing quality instruments and accessories since 2005. Here, we celebrate creative expression through music. So, we ensure to stock only top-tier and world-class products from brands like Intelli, Korg, D’Addario, Gliga and more to ensure you get the most out of your musical experience.

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Feel free to reach out to our team of professional musicians, passionate educators and specialist staff if you need guidance during your purchasing journey. We're glad you chose us to be a part of your musical ventures!

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