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Cello Learning Aides

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Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of accessories for cello. Our huge range of accessories covers rockstops, music stands, rosins, mutes, humidifiers, Bow Hold Buddies and more. Make your choice from accessories manufactured by Pirastro, Melos, Manhasset, Things 4 Strings and many more. We proudly keep our range of popular accessories for cello well-stocked with same-day shipping* Australia wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best option for marking fingerings on a fingerboard?

There are a lot of different methods used by teachers to mark finger positions on fingerboards. Most teachers use stickers which is generally fine but can cause some issues after a while. normal stickers are prone to peeling up from the amount of contact when a child is playing, this can cause buzzing and other issues. They also generally leave a large amount of sticky residue on the fingerboard which can be uncomfortable for the player and difficult to remove. We strongly recommend avoiding using things such as whiteout for marking the fingerboard as it is extremely difficult to remove without actually shaving down the fingerboard. There are products such as fingerboard tape and the "First Fret/Don't Fret" stickers that are specifically designed for use on a fingerboard. They will last much longer than any other option, will not peel up as easily and will not leave much sticky residue behind.

What is the difference between different bow grips?

There are two different kinds of accessories that will go on a bow. There are bow grips such as the Stringvision bow grip which are designed to make holding a bow more comfortable by adding padding in the case of foam bow grips or add more grip in the case of rubber bow grips. The other category is bow hold correctors or learning aides. These products, for example the Cellophant and Wada, are designed for students and players learning to hold a bow correctly. They are designed with shaping the hand in a particular way or making sure that the pinky finger or thumb are in the correct position.

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