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Advanced Violins


Become an Accomplished Performer with Our Advanced Violin Collection: Simply for Strings

Create beautiful music to the fullest of your expression with our exceptionally crafted violins for advanced players. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans from around the world, we have the best advanced violins that are a pleasure to play. Each advanced violin in our selection is made with great care and passion, releasing the musician from any instrumental limitation. Explore our range of the finest violins in Australia and become a musical artist of excellence.

Crafting Artistry with Violins for Advanced Players

The best violins for advanced players offer a pathway to musical excellence for discerning musicians and experienced performers. The utmost design quality and acoustics, superior craftsmanship, premium materials, and expert set-up cater to the demands of professional playing, ensuring a seamless and expressive performance.

Every detail, from the rounded outline of the body and scroll to the hand-applied oil varnish and finer-grade accessories, speaks to the artistry of crafting these beautiful violins. Responding to the subtlest nuances of your playing, they are reliable companions on or off-stage.

The Best Violins for Advanced Players at Simply for Strings

Advanced violins at Simply for Stringsare a testament to craftsmanship and quality. Handcrafted from premium Chinese or European tonewoods, each instrument undergoes meticulous set-up by our trained luthiers, ensuring exacting criteria are met for optimal sound and playability. Whether it's a Jay Haide, Helmut Illner, or our own Simply for Strings label, every advanced violin in our range is a work of art that promises an exceptional musical experience.

Gliga Advanced Violin Line: Crafting Musical Mastery

The Gliga series at Simply for Strings represents an excellent example of advanced violin craftsmanship. Each instrument is a testament to Gliga's commitment to quality, handcrafted from select tonewoods to deliver exceptional performance. With precise set-up by our team of skilled luthiers, Gliga violins offer advanced players a rich tonal palette, exquisite playability, and a distinct character. They are ideal professional instruments that respond effortlessly to nuanced playing techniques.

Helmut Illner Violins for Advanced Players: Precision and Power

The Helmut Illner advanced violin collection offers excellent choices for advanced students and professional performers. These instruments, crafted using aged tonewoods from China and Europe, deliver a powerful, resonant tone. The upper register is bright and clear, while the bass resonates sonorously, providing easy response and playability. The careful set-up, featuring high-quality Despiau bridges and advanced synthetic core strings from Pirastro, ensures that each Helmut Illner advanced violin reaches its full sonic potential.

Jay Haide L'Ancienne Advanced Violins: Craftsmanship Beyond Boundaries

The Jay Haide L'Ancienne series brings uncompromising craftsmanship to advanced players. Handmade using seasoned maple and spruce, these instruments boast a tone quality and workmanship that rival exclusive, tailor-made violins. Crafted from naturally aged European and Chinese tonewoods, Jay Haide violins for advanced players deliver exceptional sound resonance and responsiveness.

Pierre Marcel Deluxe Advanced Violin Selection: Artistry in Sound

Master makers in Belgium handcraft the Pierre Marcel Deluxe advanced violins with over two decades of expertise. Tailored for talented students and professional musicians, each instrument exudes a rich and warm character. The transparent varnish, imitating the natural ageing process, adds an antique allure. Treated with care following centuries-old European violin-building traditions, Pierre Marcel Deluxe violins for advanced players are a testament to the heritage of fine-stringed instruments.

Enjoy the Simply for Strings Advantage

Choosing an advanced violin at Simply for Strings unlocks a world of benefits. Our instruments, equipped with upgraded strings from brands like D'Addario, Larsen, and Pirastro, ensure optimal sound and projection. We meticulously check every violin and set it up for your needs. All instruments purchased from Simply for Strings come with a comprehensive warranty.

purchased from Simply for Strings come with a comprehensive warranty. We strive to create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, and our commitment extends to delivering your chosen advanced violin to your doorstep securely and promptly. Plus, shipping within Australia is free on all orders over $99.

Explore our collection of premium violins for advanced players, and feel free to contact us with any questions as we welcome players of all levels to our vibrant musical community. Your musical journey is our priority, and we are always happy to share our extensive knowledge to help you discover your full creative potential.

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