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Beginner Violins

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Discover the Immersive World of Beginner Violins

Taking the first steps on your musical journey is exciting and different for every budding musician. At Simply for Strings, we ensure that purchasing your beginner violin is a memorable and rewarding experience. We are committed to providing exceptional sound, quality craftsmanship, affordability and sharing our knowledge, making us your favourite violin shop in Australia.

Our extremely knowledgeable musician staff makes us the perfect starting point to guide every aspiring musician. Choose from renowned brands such as Enrico and Gliga and our in-house Simply for Strings collection – Prelude, Arioso and Virtuoso. With precision and care, each beginner violin in our range is hand-crafted from quality tonewood, promising durability and an enchanting tone.

Finding the Perfect Violin for Beginners

Choosing the best beginner violin involves various factors, and we're passionate about guiding you through the process so you can grow to love playing. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, from really big to small ones. Our team comprises violin teachers and players, so our collection has been meticulously selected for each nuanced playing category. Emphasising clarity, responsiveness, and a balanced, well-rounded tone, all our student violins are hand-crafted to sound spectacular and last many years.

Aiming to meet the diverse musical needs of aspiring musicians, our collection includes beginner violins of different sizes. From the smallest instruments suitable for young children to full-sized beginner violins, our range ensures a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience for everyone. The thoughtful consideration of size allows you to learn the violin at your own pace, fostering a lifelong passion for music.

Additionally, choosing a beginner violin is more than just the instrument; it's about developing a connection with it. A tailored violin for beginners makes learning more enjoyable, allowing you to progress more smoothly. Whether you are looking for a children's violin to help your child take their novice steps into music or an adult student violin to fulfil your lifelong dream, our range has something for you. Our passionate musician staff want the learning process to be fulfilling and, therefore, offer much encouragement when selecting the best violin for you.

Beginners Violin Collection at Simply for Strings

At Simply for Strings, we offer the finest beginner violins, where our commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and affordability has curated a selection you will thoroughly enjoy considering. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of kids and student violins from esteemed makers worldwide, including prestigious brands like Arioso, Enrico, Prelude, and Gliga.

Gliga Violins for Beginners

One notable addition to our collection is the Gliga violin range, delivering outstanding European beginner instruments that undergo the Simply for Strings professional luthier setup. Handmade from traditional tonewoods, these school-level violins are crafted in Gliga's Romanian workshops, fitted with Pirastro Tonica strings and a Wittner Ultralight tailpiece, ensuring a high-quality instrument for aspiring musicians.

Our professional luthiers and staff at Simply for Strings will carefully assemble, set up, tune, and inspect each Gliga violin for beginners to our highest standards, preparing it for optimal play.

Arioso Violins for Beginners

The Arioso violin has been our number-one teacher-recommended violin for students for almost 10 years. Developed by our team of makers and players at Simply for Strings, this violin is built to last and provide sensational sound for beginners and discerning student players. The Arioso violin emphasises a balanced, well-rounded, clear tone, with exceptional responsiveness in a durable and reliable instrument.

A beautiful-looking instrument, it comes in various finishes, from classic amber to a darker stained, more antique look. Fitted with quality ebony running gear and D’addario Prelune strings, perfect if you’re just starting out on your playing journey.

Prelude Violins for Beginners

The Prelude violin is one of our bestsellers. This hand-crafted instrument is tailored to emphasise clarity and ease of playing without compromising affordability. Ensuring excellent value for money and a true violin sound, the Prelude collection, including children’s violins, is handcrafted in Asia-Pacific and finished in our very own workshop in Brisbane. Combining quality craftsmanship with durable materials and in-depth knowledge of string music, we selected these beginner violins for a responsive and enjoyable playing experience.

Enrico Violins for Beginners

The Enrico violin outfit is a competitively priced beginner instrument, fully hand-carved and suitable for children and adult students. Beyond its affordable price, the Enrico beginner violin is popular among teachers, schools, and students because of its consistent quality. Found in many classrooms throughout Australia, Enrico instruments exemplify an enduring quality and reputation for excellence. In addition, each Enrico violin for beginners is meticulously set up to our exacting specifications, ensuring reliability and ease of play for players of all levels.

Embrace the Joy of Playing Beginner Violin with Simply for Strings

At Simply for Strings, we take pride in offering more than just a product – we provide a comprehensive experience. Our professional players and luthiers are dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your musical journey. To ensure your beginner violin journey is enjoyable and educational, we've crafted The Complete Guide to Buying a Beginner's Violin. Whether you prefer the hands-on experience in our physical store in Brisbane or the convenience of our online shop, you'll find a wealth of resources and our personal assistance to help you make an informed decision.

Browse our beginners' violin collection and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of violin music. Every instrument comes with a case and bow and undergoes a thorough pre-shipping inspection, guaranteeing a secure and well-packaged arrival for safe unboxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beginner violin to buy?

We recommend looking at our Prelude, Arioso and Virtuoso range of violins as these are all excellent choices for the novice or continuing student. Each instrument has its own unique sound, but all are professionally finished and set up by our expert team of violin makers.

When should my child start learning violin and at what age should they start violin lessons?

A lot of schools these days have an orchestral strings immersion program in grades 2 or 3 where all the students are involved and able to try orchestral string instruments. This is also the age that most schools allow students to start taking lessons and joining school ensembles. This is a great opportunity for your child to try out different instruments and find the right one for them. If your child is showing enthusiasm for wanting to learn an instrument, they can start at any age. Even from 3 - 6 months old there are a variety of entry level music classes that will introduce them to the basics of music and getting them involved in creating music. Your child can also start learning violin at any age, our violin sizes go down to 1/32 size! There are a variety of teaching methods designed for teaching children from a very young age such as the extremely well-known Suzuki method which was how some famous violinists learnt violin, such as Ray Chen who started the Suzuki method at age 4.

What do I need to buy with my beginner violin?

Our violin outfits come with a case and a bow included and to be able to play you will also need to purchase a shoulder rest and rosin. These two items are necessary to be able to play your violin. We also recommend a music stand, a cleaning cloth and a tuner. These items will make learning and maintaining the violin a lot easier.

What are the benefits to learning the violin?

There are a vast number of benefits to learning the violin and music as a whole. There have been noted mental, emotional and physical benefits to learning to violin. From improved fine motor skills, learning discipline and improving memory to improved social skills from being involved in ensembles just to name a few.

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