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Intermediate Violins


Explore the Unparalleled Collection of Intermediate Violins at Simply for Strings

As you transition to the intermediate level, your violin becomes more than an instrument – it transforms into a companion, guiding you through the intricacies of your musical journey. At Simply for Strings, our curated intermediate violin collection offers a variety of choices, each crafted with precision and passion to elevate your playing experience. Choose from renowned brands like Gliga and our own Simply for Strings labels, such as Allegro, Rondo, and more. We have meticulously set up each instrument to ensure optimal playability and a sound that resonates with your musical aspirations.

Intermediate Violin Allure: Craftsmanship Meets Progress

Premium materials and time-honoured instrument craftsmanship are the elements that help transform intermediate violins into musical treasures. Crafted from superior tonewood, violins for intermediate players produce a deep, rich sound with an exceptional resonant response curated to elevate your musical experience. Handcrafted with meticulous precision by skilled craftsmen, each is a work of art.

But the journey of an intermediate violin at Simply for Strings only begins with exquisite craftsmanship. Our expert team of string instrument players and teachers thoroughly checks the overall condition of the instrument and delves into the very essence of its sound to guarantee that every violin leaving our workshop meets your expectations.

Choosing the Best Violin for an Intermediate Player

Immerse yourself in a symphony of precision, craftsmanship, and musical excellence as you search for the best intermediate violin at Simply for Strings. Our intermediate-level violin range holds the key to your musical success, featuring best-selling brands like Gliga, Allegro, Rondo, Concerto, and more.

Virtuoso Intermediate Violin Outfit: Crafting Artistry for Progressing Musicians

The Virtuoso violins, meticulously set up by our expert team of luthiers, are a testament to the artistry that defines the intermediate level. Tailored for the progressing student, these beautiful handmade instruments boast a traditional varnish and high-quality timbers, ensuring a stunning appearance and a rich, resonant tone. The package includes a shaped case and a Brazilwood bow with quality horsehair, providing all the essentials for your musical understanding.

Rondo Intermediate Violin Outfit: A Bold Step Forward

The Rondo intermediate-level violin collection is the perfect upgrade when you transition from beginner status, offering a rewarding musical experience. Featuring a bold and projecting tone complemented by beautifully rich-shaded varnish, these violins deliver warmth and clarity across the entire musical spectrum. High-quality timbers and professional strings add to the refined appearance, making Rondo violins tailored for intermediate players who want to produce a richer, more developed tone in their playing.

Gliga II Intermediate Violin Outfit: European Craftsmanship at its Finest

Designed for the intermediate student, Gliga II violins embody European excellence. Handmade in Romanian workshops by skilled craftsmen, they feature flamed maple back, sides, and neck and a resonance spruce top. The rounded outline of the body and scroll sets them apart, while the hand-applied oil varnish and finer-grade accessories add to their allure. Supplied with a quality case and bow and fitted with Pirastro Violino strings, the Gliga II intermediate violin is a masterpiece for the progressing musician.

Violins for Intermediate Players and Benefits for All at Simply for Strings

When you choose an intermediate violin from Simply for Strings, you’re investing in a premium instrument and a comprehensive package of perks. Beyond the purchase, we offer ongoing support and a 12-month warranty from our Brisbane store. Our knowledgeable team of professional musicians and passionate educators is always ready to share their insights and expertise to enhance your playing experience, regardless of your skill level.

You can also enjoy the convenience of free shipping for orders over $99 in Australia, delivering your chosen intermediate violin right to your doorstep. Plus, you can join our exclusive Simply for Strings Reward Program, where every interaction within our store earns you bonuses that can be exchanged for valuable benefits.

For the ultimate in musical expression, elevate your musical skill with Simply for Strings, experience the advantages, and fill your next musical chapter with the resonance and exquisite quality found in our best violins for intermediate players.

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