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Violin Shoulder Rests


Elevate Your Violin Experience with the Finest Shoulder Rests

As you immerse into the world of violin music, you'll quickly realise that comfort and proper posture are your best allies, and the violin shoulder rest is your essential partner to help you maintain a natural, relaxed playing position. This small yet invaluable accessory ensures your violin journey is as enjoyable as it should be, filled with harmony – and no distractions.

Explore our comprehensive collection of violin accessories at Simply for Strings, including the best violin shoulder rests, to greatly enhance your playing experience.

A Treasure Trove of Best Violin Shoulder Rests

At Simply for Strings, we understand that playing beautiful music goes beyond the violin itself, and our extensive shoulder rest collection offers you an orchestra of choices to enhance your musical voyage. Choose from renowned manufacturers including Kun, Wolf, Everest, FOM, Bon Musica, Pirastro and Viva La Musica, and many more. Our string instrument accessory collection has been carefully curated to cater to every string musician's needs.

Acting as a bridge between you and your violin, the best violin shoulder rest for your needs transforms your instrument into an extension of your body, allowing you to freely play your instrument. Our qualified and passionate team can assist you in finding the perfect shoulder rest to enjoy endless hours of violin playing.

Ergonomic Excellence

Shoulder rests for violins are designed with ergonomics in mind. These essential accessories ingeniously cradle the graceful curve of your violin, forming a stable and exceptionally comfortable support system. This practical design, meticulously crafted with the musician in mind, enables you to maintain a relaxed posture, preventing discomfort during prolonged practice sessions and violin performances.

Personalised Comfort

No two musicians are alike, and neither are their playing styles. That's why violin shoulder rests come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that suits your unique needs. Whether you lean towards a contoured rest or favour the adaptability of an adjustable model, we offer an array of options at Simply for Strings tailored to fit your preferences.

Tonal Enhancement

Beyond its comfort-inducing role, the shoulder rest for the violin can enhance the sound and help your violin resonate more harmoniously. By serving as a steadfast point of contact between your instrument and your shoulder, it helps eliminate any discomfort, allowing you to focus on the music you’re playing and express the notes fully.

Choosing Your Perfect Shoulder Rest for Violins

Selecting the best violin shoulder rest is a personal journey, one that should align with your comfort, playing style, and musical aspirations. At Simply for Strings, we love encouraging players in their musical journey, so we’ve comprised a list of helpful tips to guide you:

  • Consider your playing style. Different shoulder rests for violin suit different genres and techniques. For classical musicians, a contoured shoulder rest may be ideal, while those who prefer a more direct connection between the violin and the shoulder may choose a minimalistic cradle option.
  • Pay attention to how the violin shoulder rest feels. The best accessory should provide support without causing discomfort or pain on the pressure points. Your comfort is paramount for succinct and captivating playing.
  • Violin size matters. Ensure your shoulder rest matches the size of your violin. At Simply for Strings, you will find a wide array of violin shoulder rests, from half-size options to full-size models, ensuring a proper fit for every instrument and musician.
  • Try before you buy. The right fit and feel are essential to your comfort and playing experience. At Simply for Strings, we encourage you to try different violin shoulder rests from our range to find the best one for you.

Enhancing Your Performance with Simply for Strings

As seasoned musicians ourselves, we believe that every violinist can benefit from the support and convenience provided by a quality shoulder rest. Whether you're creating symphonies or weaving solo sonatas, the right accessories allow you to embark on your musical odyssey with confidence, comfort and the security of a snug fit, reducing any slips or mishaps.

Discover our exquisite selection of string instrument accessories, including shoulder rests, music stands, rosins, mutes, humidifiers, Bow Hold Buddies and more. At Simply for Strings, we take pride in maintaining ample stock of these precious essentials, ready to embark on their journey to you with speedy shipping available across Australia.

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