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Cello Mutes

Play quietly at home or add a mute for orchestral playing. Australian Violin Store.


Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of accessories for cello. Our huge range of accessories covers rockstops, music stands, rosins, mutes, humidifiers, Bow Hold Buddies and more. Make your choice from accessories manufactured by Pirastro, Melos, Manhasset, Hercules, Things 4 Strings and many more. We proudly keep our range of popular accessories for cello well-stocked with same-day shipping* Australia wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a practice mute and an orchestral mute?

Practice and orchestral mutes are used for very different purposes. Practice mutes are an accessory usually rubber or metal that fits over the bridge and are solely, as the name suggests, used for practicing in situations where you are not able to play at full volume. There are a variety of different types of practice mutes but all will vastly dampen the sound of your instrument. Orchestral mutes on the other hand are much smaller and will generally clip onto the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece and can then be clipped on and off the bridge very quickly. These mutes will effect the volume of a violin much less and are used during certain orchestral pieces as an effect.

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