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Cello Wolf Note Eliminators

Wolf Note/Tone Eliminators. Australian Violin Shop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wolf note/tone?

A wolf note/tone is caused when the pitch of a note being played is close to the natural resonant frequency of the body of an instrument. This causes a wobbling or beating effect in the note. Wolf notes are usually only noticed in bowed instruments and is frequent problem for mostly cellos. A wolf note is most frequently on or between E and F# for cello or G# for a double bass. A wolf note can never truly be gotten rid of, instead we use what is called a wolf note eliminator.

What does a wolf note/tone eliminator do?

Wolf tone "eliminators" are fairly cheap, and could possibly help your cello, however they do require trial and error. Some help some cellos and some don’t. Bring your cello in-store to try our various models to see if your wolf tone can be minimised. A wolf note eliminator is a metal tube with a mounting screw and an interior rubber sleeve. This fits onto the string between the bridge and the tail piece to weight the string. The eliminator will need to be placed differently on the string depending on what note the wolf note is sounding. This weighting of the string will reduce the effect of the wolf note or influences the placement of the wolf note to be in between two semitones, essentially moving the wolf note in between where a player would play.

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