Viola Rosin

Viola Rosin

Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of accessories for viola. Our huge range of accessories covers shoulder rests, music stands, rosins, mutes, humidifiers, Bow Hold Buddies and more. Make your choice from accessories manufactured by Pirastro, Melos, Kun, Everest, Manhasset, Hercules, Things 4 Strings and many more. We proudly keep our range of popular accessories for viola well-stocked with same-day shipping* Australia wide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a big price difference between different rosins?

Generally, as you pay more for a rosin, the grain of the powder from the rosin will be much finer. This means that more expensive rosins will be less scratchy and have a smoother sound. Some rosins also have special additives to them that will effect the sound such as the Larica Gold rosin has gold particles in the rosin, while others are designed to work better with certain sets of strings such as Pirastro's line of rosins. One of our most popular professional level rosins, the Leatherwood rosin is a bespoke rosin handmade in Australia. This rosin is specifically designed to work best with Australia's climate and humidity whereas most other rosins were designed with European or American climates in mind.

What student rosin would you recommend?

We would recommend looking at the Hidersine Junior and Hidersine Deluxe rosins for the beginner player. These are rosins that most schools have suggested their students get and were on the majority of their book packs. For the highschool/intermediate player, we would suggest looking at the Gustave Bernardel or the Melos rosins. These rosins are the next level up and are excellent in terms of price vs quality.

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