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High-Quality, Durable Music Stands at Simply for Strings

A music stand allows musicians to perform without worrying about flying papers or clutter, making performances look presentable and organised. However, a flimsy music stand can be just as problematic as no stand! It is important to have a music stand that is strong, steady and durable.

A music stand is a valuable companion for any musician. It is often an overlooked piece of musical equipment, but having this essential and functional tool makes a difference in a musician’s life. Simply for Strings understands the impact of music stands and our selection is testament to that.

Browse our online catalogue today, and choose the suitable music stand for you.

Simply for Strings knows that music is more than the instruments, so we made sure our musicians can find everything they need. Our shop has a wide range of accessories for violin, viola, cello, double bass suited for both teachers and students. We cover rock stops, music stands, rosins, mutes, humidifiers and more.

Get Quality Music Stands

Investing in a high-quality, strong, and sturdy music stand is a smart decision for any musician. Don't let a wobbly stand ruin your performance – upgrade to our top-quality music stand today!

Here are some benefits of upgrading your music stand for practice sessions and performances:

Practise proper posture

Without a proper sheet music stand, you are guaranteed to be hunched over when reading a musical piece. As a result, you’ll feel discomfort and have bad posture, which is not good for anybody’s practice or health. You need a well-designed stand to support your stance if you are serious about your craft.

Improve reading speed

A proper string instrument music stand will hold several pages of sheet music at a time, so you don’t have to constantly flip through pages to read them one by one. It is also a time and cost-efficient way to work and practice.

Organises sheet music

Music stands are designed to hold the sheet music in place, so it won’t slide or shift around while you are playing or performing. This is important to avoid accidentally missing notes or playing the wrong ones because you misread the music sheet.

Keep your workstation tidy with a music stand. It stores your music properly and provides easy access to your sheets when needed. An organised workstation helps your focus and preparation, making you a better performer overall.

Now is the time to put away those cheap foldable stands and replace them with a premium music stand that will last you a lifetime. Choose from our vast collection that will help you achieve your musical goals by providing comfort and support while you work and practice.

Music Stands for the musician on the go

For musicians constantly moving from one gig to another, a high-grade music stand is an investment you can’t pass on.

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