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Viola Strings

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Musicians agree that the orchestral sound would only be complete with the viola's distinct richness and robustness. This stringed instrument can even be considered the "heart of the orchestra". So you can fully appreciate its exquisite sound quality, having the best string set is best.

At Simply for Strings, we are home to a wide assortment of viola strings in gut, synthetic, and steel core from exquisite brands such as Thomastik, D'Addario, Warchal, Pirastro and more. So whatever your musical style is, we have the perfect sets to enhance your playing and complement your viola.

Experience our commitment to quality and explore our handpicked selection of expertly crafted strings.

Enhance Your Viola's Sonorous Sound with Our Viola Strings

Unleash your instrument's full potential and elevate your playing experience with quality strings. We offer all four in individual and complete sets to ensure your viola produces harmonious and balanced tones.

Learn more about our string collection and find the perfect set for your musical style and preferences.

Viola A Strings

People often describe the Viola A strings as having a more "singable" sound that complements the viola's deep tone. Our A strings quickly respond to bow changes and various playing styles, such as pizzicato, détaché, legato and staccato.

If a versatile, clear and warm tone is what you seek, D'Addario Helicore strings are most suitable for you. For a sweeter and more well-rounded tone that provides medium tension, Jargar strings are a popular option.

Viola D Strings

These Viola D strings are essential in producing the poetic and expressive qualities of the viola. It contributes to the instrument's distinctive timbre and establishes its darker and more emotional tone.

Our D strings can translate every bow stroke and finger movement into rich and resonant melodies.

Viola G Strings

Viola G strings convey more dramatic and sombre emotions, this string is crucial. It gives the viola's alto colour and fuller sound.

All the strings in our selection produce warm and powerful sounds with excellent projection, moving your audience with the emotions you want to evoke.

Viola C Strings

Viola C strings are the viola's lowest-pitched string, which encompasses its sound's overall depth and richness.

Our collection will give you a solid and resonant bass range that perfectly balances all strings of your viola.

Viola String Sets

Enhance your playing experience with complete Viola string sets for a harmonious and consistent tone.

In this selection, we have various handpicked sets tailored to meet your musical preferences.

Endlessly Serenade with Simply for Strings

The Simply for Strings story began with a passion for music and a desire to assist musicians of all levels in their musical journeys by providing high-quality stringed instruments and accessories. And that deep love for music lives on in all our product ranges, including this one for our stellar strings.

Purchase your viola string sets from our online shop today, and produce sublime harmonies that only premium strings can offer. Simply for Strings also has a professional setup service from our trained luthiers to ensure that your instrument is a joy to play each time.

Whenever you need expert advice or recommendations, our team of seasoned musical pros and hobbyists is passionate about sharing their knowledge and personal experiences to inspire your musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my viola strings keep breaking?

If your viola strings keep breaking near the pegs or near the tailpiece, it could mean there is extra friction being applied to the string/s, causing them to break or snap. We recommend having your viola examined by a luthier (string instrument repairer) to avoid breakages in the future. When fitting any new strings to your viola, be sure to slowly tighten the string to avoid breakages.

How do I fit strings to my viola?

Using a soft graphite pencil, ‘colour’ in the corresponding groove on the bridge and at the top of the fingerboard (near the pegbox). This will ensure the string slides smoothly through these contact points and does not catch on any part of the instrument. Insert the plain end of the string into the corresponding peg hole. Tighten the string by winding the peg away from you. Keep the other hand pulling the string away from the peg to maintain tension on the string. This will keep the string ‘straight’ on the peg. Cross the string over itself once at the start of the tightening process and then wind the remainder of the string towards the peg ‘head’ ensuring that it remains neat on the peg. This will ensure that your pegs do not continue to slip and that they are easily tuned.

How do I tune my viola?

You can refine the tuning with the use of a tuner or tuning fork to help you find the correct pitch. When tuning a small amount, you'll only need to use the fine tuners. If the string is largely out of tune, it is important to always lower the pitch using the peg before trying to raise it. This will ensure that your string does not get over tightened. When using the fine tuners, turning them clockwise ensures the pitch is raised. If you turn it anti-clockwise, the pitch is lowered. ‘Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty’ is a great rhyme to help you remember.

My viola strings sound squeaky, how can I fix this?

If your viola strings sound squeaky, it may mean that you need to use less rosin on your bow, to prevent a raspy tone from occurring, or you may need to replace your strings. Strings are crafted using precious metals and materials that deteriorate over time. If your viola strings are over a year old and sounding squeaky, chances are it needs to be replaced. Book an online or in-store appointment with us to determine the source of the squeaking sound today.

My viola strings sound bad, what strings should I try next?

If your viola strings sound "bad", it may mean that you need to use less rosin on your bow, to prevent a raspy tone from occurring, or you may need to upgrade your string. Strings are crafted using precious metals and materials that deteriorate over time. If your viola strings are over a year old and sounding bad, chances are it needs to be replaced. Some of our favourites include Pirastro Tonica, Larsen, D'Addario Kaplan Amo and Pirastro Obligato strings if you're wanting a warm tone. If you're wanting a brighter tone, some of our favourites include Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, D'Addario Kaplan Vivo or D'Addario Prelude strings.

I'm nervous about fitting new viola strings, can you fit them for me?

Here at Simply for Strings, we fit any string purchased from us to your instrument for free. We'd be more than happy to show you our tips and tricks along the way so you can also learn more about changing and fitting strings to your instrument. Appointments and walk-ins are welcomed at any time at our Brisbane store.

What size viola strings do I need?

The size of the viola strings we sell are indicated at the end of the product title, ie. 12"-13", 13"-14", 15"-16.5". If there is no size indicated in the title, this indicates they are for a "full-size" viola, or 15"-16.5". We recommend purchasing strings that have been manufactured for the viola size you play on, so the playability and tension are optimised for your instrument.

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