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Beginner Double Basses

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Start Your String Instrument Journey on the Right Foot With Top-quality Beginner Double Basses

Starting something new can be daunting, especially if you’re stepping into the world of stringed instruments for the very first time. You may have heard the deeply resonant frequency of the double bass and fallen for its unique sound. Yet taking the first step to becoming a beginner double bassist takes courage, dedication and a passion for your craft. And of course, for aspiring double bassists, your musical journey begins with the right instrument.

At Simply for Strings, we believe that the quality of your first beginner double bass can greatly impact your musical experience. We are passionate about nurturing student musicians by fostering an inclusive and welcoming experience via our diverse selection of premium double basses from trusted brands like Enrico, Arioso, Prelude, and Virtuoso and our exceptional industry knowledge.

With a team of talented musicians and teachers on staff, our team ensures that each instrument is meticulously handcrafted from the finest tonewoods, ensuring durability and exceptional sound quality. Explore our collection of the best beginner double basses at our stringed instrument store and discover the joy of playing beautifully crafted and professionally set up instruments from the get-go.

Double Basses for Beginners from Simply for Strings: Find Your Musical Match

The double bass is the cornerstone of the orchestra, a majestic and versatile instrument with a rich history spanning centuries. As the largest member of the string family, it produces deep, resonant tones that anchor the harmony and rhythm of countless musical compositions across genres. From classical symphonies to jazz ensembles and everything in between, the double bass plays a vital role in shaping the musical landscape. Its commanding presence and expressive capabilities have captivated audiences and inspired musicians worldwide.

f you or your child decide to dive into the melodic world of double bass music, our collection of the best double basses for beginners offers a range of well-made instruments to kickstart your musical career.

Arioso Beginner Double Bass: Setting the Standard in Sound

The Arioso Double Bass Outfit is a top choice for beginners. Hand-carved and finely crafted, it's a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. Set up by our expert luthiers, the Arioso range emphasises clarity, responsiveness, and a balanced, well-rounded tone. With its durable construction and exceptional playability, this beginner double bass ensures a seamless learning experience, inspiring confidence as you progress.

Prelude Beginner Double Bass: Quality and Affordability Combined

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Prelude Double Bass offers budget-friendly quality. Designed specifically for beginner students, it promotes clarity and ease of playing, making it an ideal companion for aspiring musicians. Moreover, the Prelude range of double basses for beginners reflects excellent value for money, featuring responsive design and delivering that authentic double bass sound you expect from more expensive options.

Enrico Beginner Double Bass: Excellence at an Entry-Level

The Enrico Double Bass Outfit is another excellent choice for beginners. It is handcrafted with lightweight yet sturdy tonewood to ensure quality and affordability. This beginner double bass ensures seamless tuning and comfort during play, featuring ultralight tailpieces and machine heads, a solid endpin, and a height-adjustable spike. The Brazilwood bow completes the outfit, providing everything you need to begin your musical adventure.

Simply for Strings: Our Commitment to Your Success

At Simply for Strings, we understand the importance of playing on a well-made and enjoyable-sounding instrument. Each beginner double bass undergoes rigorous testing and setup by our expert luthiers, ensuring optimal playability and sound quality. Our staff comprises professional players and teachers who work cohesively to meticulously check every detail before the instrument leaves our workshop, guaranteeing you receive a reliable double bass for learning and practising.

Shopping with us, you can trust that you're not just purchasing an instrument – you're investing in a supportive community dedicated to your success. Enjoy fast shipping, easy returns, and our exclusive Reward program, knowing we encourage long-lasting relationships and will be here long after your initial purchase to guide and support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beginner double bass to buy?

We recommend looking at our Prelude, Arioso and Virtuoso range of basses as these are all excellent choices for the novice to intermediate student. Each instrument has its own unique sound, but all are professionally finished and set up by our expert team of instrument makers.

When should my child start learning double bass and at what age should they start double bass lessons?

A lot of schools these days have an orchestral strings immersion program in grades 2 or 3 where all the students are involved and able to try orchestral string instruments. Most begin with violin and if the child shows interest allows them to branch out to different instruments. This is also the age that most schools allow students to start taking lessons and joining school ensembles. This is a great opportunity for your child to try out different instruments and find the right one for them. If your child is showing enthusiasm for wanting to learn an instrument, they can start at any age. Even from 3 - 6 months old there are a variety of entry level music classes that will introduce them to the basics of music and getting them involved in creating music. Your child can also start learning double bass at any age, our double bass sizes go down to 1/16 size! There are a variety of teaching methods designed for teaching children from a very young age such as the extremely well-known Suzuki method which was how some famous players learnt, such as Ray Chen who started the Suzuki method at age 4.

What do I need to buy with my beginner double bass?

Our double bass outfits come with a bag and a bow included and to be able to play you will also need to purchase rosin. Rosin is necessary to be able to play your double bass. A rockstop/slipstop is also usually necessary to stop the endpin of the double bass sliding on the floor, but this would depend on whether the child will be learning on hardwood flooring, tiles, carpet etc. A lot of players will always use a stopper as this will also prevent the endpin (which is a sharp metal spike) from damaging flooring. We also recommend a music stand, a cleaning cloth, and a tuner. These items will make learning and maintaining the double bass a lot easier.

Why learn the double bass?

There are a vast number of benefits to learning the double bass and music as a whole. There have been noted mental, emotional and physical benefits to learning to double bass. From improved fine motor skills, learning discipline and improving memory to improved social skills from being involved in ensembles just to name a few.

Why are there two different bows?

Double bass players have the choice between two styles of bow, generally the majority of the bows (stick, hair etc.) is identical between the two with the biggest difference being between the frog and the bow hold used. The french style has a smaller frog and looks more like the bows you would use to play violin, viola and cello. The french style uses an "overhand" grip similar to the cello bow hold. The german style has a taller frog and utilises a more "underhand" grip.

Which bow is better? French or German style?

One type of bow is not necessarily better than the other, it is more a matter of personal preference. Quite often the reason that players choose one over the other is purely because it is the style that their teacher uses and taught. It is also a case that the student may find one style more comfortable to learn. As they progress, most bass players in fact end up becoming capable at both bow styles as many state that they feel the french style allows for more "finesse" whereas the german style gives more "power".

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