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Exploring the Melodic World of Gliga Instruments

Gliga instruments, handcrafted with passion and precision, embody the essence of musical sound. With a commitment to simplicity, these instruments offer all musicians the opportunity to thoughtfully express themselves through their music. From violins and violas to cellos and double-basses, each instrument that arrives at Simply for Strings is professionally set-up by our luthiers and hand-checked for quality assurance before our passionate team delivers the instrument to its new owners.

Explore the world of Gliga at Simply for Strings and embark on a melodic adventure to spark your creativity.

The Timeless Legacy of Gliga Instruments

In the heart of Europe, close to the Carpathian Mountains, where the legendary Antonio Stradivari sought the wood for his masterpieces, award-winning violinist Vasile Gliga has been crafting competitively priced instruments since 1980 to bridge the gap between artistry and accessibility. The same Romanian forests that inspired some of the finest violins ever made have given rise to Gliga instruments.

With more than 20 years of experience, Gliga has perfected the art of crafting premium European instruments that deliver exceptional quality. Their cellos, violins, and violas bring together much more than just wood and strings as they are carefully integrated components that reinforce Gliga's dedication to his craft.

Exceptional Gliga Instruments for Delightful Sound

At Simply for Strings, we love sharing beautiful instruments with our valued community of players and are considerate of the commitment of investing in a stringed instrument that can last a lifetime if well looked after. We offer Gliga violins, violas, cellos, double-basses, and more - all possessing unique features and benefits that make them the ideal companions for all musicians. As the Gliga is an imported instrument brand, our dedicated team of luthiers ensures that each product undergoes meticulous quality standards and testing.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our valued customers, and so our dedicated workshop team professionally sets up each and every Gliga instrument to ensure it is ready to create its best sound right out of the box.

Gliga Violins: Bringing Elegance and Precision

Handcrafted with passion that has been generated by a love of playing, Gliga violins are a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The craftsmanship is evident in every step - right down to the process of selecting the wood before it is carved and assembled.

From the moment you draw the bow across the strings, you'll feel the warmth and resonance that only a well-crafted instrument can provide. Whether you’re just teasing your inner creativity with the violin or you’ve been playing for years, these violins offer a beautiful tone that's accessible to all. Their exceptional playability and strong sound make Gliga violins a worthy heir to the rich musical heritage of the Carpathian Mountains.

Gliga Violas: A Symphony of Classical Beauty

For those who prefer the warmer, deeper tones of the viola, Gliga offers a stunning collection that's sure to captivate. Crafted with the brand's signature precision and care, these instruments offer perfect balance, projection, and nuanced tone that make them a perfect companion for all musicians of stringed instruments. Whether you're performing in an orchestra or exploring the beauty of the viola in a solo setting, Gliga violas offer a rich and vibrant sound that will elevate your musical journey.

Gliga Cellos: The Home of Soulful Melodies

The Gliga cellos exude elegance and power, making them a popular choice among cellists. A perfect balance of precision and performance, these cellos are designed to unlock the full range of your musical expression.

The Gliga III cello is an excellent choice for newer students. Its warm, resonant tone and comfortable grip make it an ideal companion for those with a budding passion for playing. For more experienced cellists, the Gliga Gems II or I cellos offer exceptional tonal complexity and responsiveness, allowing you to explore the full range of vibrational depth.

Gliga Double-Basses: The Foundation of the Orchestra

Gliga double-basses are made to provide solid and resonant bass tones that can anchor the entire orchestra. Crafted from the finest wood, these instruments can withstand the demands of professional performance, while maintaining their tonal integrity. Whether you're a classical bassist, a jazz virtuoso, or exploring other genres, Gliga double-basses offer the versatility and projection you need to shine whether on stage performing or at home practising.

Enhance Your Musical Journey with Gliga at Simply for Strings

At Simply for Strings, we stock a wide selection of Gliga violins, cellos, violas, double-basses, and more, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your sound preferences. As players ourselves, we understand the excitement of playing a new instrument and the importance of a professional setup. This is why we offer same-day shipping across Australia, so you can experience the magic of Gliga instruments without delay.

At Simply for Strings, we are passionate about helping our valued community explore their creativity and hope to join your musical journey with you as a reliable source of knowledge and encouragement. We are always available for any questions you may have and hope to nurture your musical passion with the right advice, instruments and accessories to guide you. To make your stringed instrument purchase even more enjoyable, join our Simply for String Rewards program to gain bonuses and exchange them for free shipping, gifts, personal offers, and other valuable bonuses.


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