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Cello Bags


Owning an instrument is a responsibility, and taking care of it to prolong its life is essential. That's why we’re here to help you choose the most suitable cello case. Whether you regularly play with an orchestra and need a reliable bag to transport your instrument or you’re looking for peace of mind when your cello’s stored at home, our selection of cello bags offers durability and security.

Here at Simply for Strings, our range of cello bags will cater to your needs. Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, you can find the right one, from hard-shell to wheeled cello cases. These cases are crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure they accompany you throughout your musical career. You'll find convenient features such as shoulder straps for easy carrying and built-in compartments for accessories such as music stands and cello rosin.

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Protection for Your Cello: Types of Cello Bags

Like any other instrument, cellos require proper protection to stay in good shape. When you leave the cello out in the open, it can collect dust, and the humidity can cause the strings to get out of tune more frequently. Generally, your instrument is more vulnerable to breakage when not stored safely.

Fortunately, we have various types of cello bags and cases at Simply for Strings that can house your cello and protect it from damage.

Cello Bags

These bags are lightweight and convenient, especially for musicians travelling to various locations. We offer cello bags with padding ranging from 10mm to 25mm, so your instrument has maximum protection against external elements. Their cushioned interior will keep your cello safe and prevent scuffs and scratches from hard objects and surfaces.

Cello Cases

If you’re looking for an alternative to a cello bag, you can opt for a case instead.

Our cello hard cases have thick padding so that your cello is well-protected against impact. Most of our hard cases' exteriors are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic shells for superior protection and insulation.

We also have lightweight cello cases made of different materials such as polycarbonate, fibreglass, styrofoam and more. They are ideal for travelling or transporting your cello from one place to another.

Wheeled Cello Cases

Another popular option for keeping your cello safe while travelling, aside from a cello bag, is our cello cases with wheels. Their embedded wheels are designed for smooth mobility and stability, so you won't have to worry about them tipping over when travelling. Most also have handles and backpack/shoulder straps for easy portability.

Cello Flight Cases

If you are travelling by plane with your cello, consider investing in a first-rate flight case for your instrument. These cases are sturdy and durable enough to withstand mechanical shock, pressure and moisture during transportation.

We also have cello case covers and straps that you can buy together with these flight cases for extra convenience while in transit.

High-Quality Cello Bags Australia

Simply for Strings is dedicated to supporting Australian musicians along their musical journeys. Our pursuit of being part of instrumentalists’ successes inspires us to stock a great selection of state-of-the-art string instruments and accessories. Our cello bags and cases are no exception. With our selection of different types and sizes, you can find the right one for your needs.

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