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Brands to Try When Buying an Advanced Bow for String Instruments

Brands to Try When Buying an Advanced Bow for String Instruments

Bows are very important – they compliment your instrument, by bringing out the best sound quality, and also make it possible to accomplish a variety of bow techniques. Weight, balance and flexibility are the determining factors in playing qualities of all bows – all of our bows are hand selected to achieve the optimal combination of these criteria. Our premium bows are selected for students, teachers and professionals who desire luxury craftsmanship, quality and sound.

Arcus – available for violin, viola and cello. Arcus bows are entirely made in Germany and use carbon fibre materials that are made to exacting specifications. Arcus bows are hollow with a thin wall, just like instruments, and vibrate much more freely than any with a solid core. The ‘P’ series offers musicians a higher resiliency in the stick. The P-bows a very nicely balanced, with a wide range of brilliant tonal overtones. These bows are easily manoeuvrable, strong and work for nearly every type of player and instrument. The ‘S’ series is incredibly light, making them unbelievably fast and nimble, and the sound is brighter and even more brilliant than the P-bows. Our favourite picks? S6 Violin and Cello models, S5 Viola model.

CodaBow – Diamond range available for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Exclusively, Simply for Strings offers the new Marquise violin model. For nearly 10 years, CodaBow, together with master bowmaker Roger Zabinksi, have crafted bespoke carbon-fibre bows for private musicians, often emulating historically revered bows. All offered their owners tailored playing characteristics, personalised styling and a playing experience beyond the Diamond range. Recent technological advances has allowed Coda to release these bows to the broader public. The Marquise model offers optimum balance, flexibility, weight and tone. Its breakthrough organic, high-sensitivity carbon fibres extend continuously from button to tip, offering a natural response with warmth, depth and powerful sound. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for the viola and cello models!

Dorfler – available for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Dorfler bows are handcrafted in Germany, using precious and exquisite materials in order to guarantee master performance and technical ability. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly in their workshops, as it constantly fulfils the demands of exact bending and greatest possible tension at the ideal weight. Their bow hair is sourced exclusively in Inner Asia, and elaborate mountings of mother of pearl and precious metals on the ebony frog lend the Dorfler bows their beautiful appearance and long lifetime. Our favourite picks? Pernambuco Viola Bow with Octagonal Stick, and Double Bass German Bow Brazilwood.

Paesold – available for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Paesold are respected throughout the world for their high quality, individually handcrafted bows. Paesold’s skilled craftsmen travel to Brazil to personally inspect and select trees, which are best for their production of Pernambuco and Brazilwood bows. The wood is naturally air dried for a number of years before the craftsmen begin their work. Traditional methods are used, as well as traditional materials, including sterling silver, silver, gold, ebony and leather to ensure Paesold bows stand the test of time. Our favourite picks? Violin model #237, Viola model #192 and Cello model #365.

Sturm – available for violin, viola and cello. Sturm handcraft a number of bows each year in Germany. High-quality Pernambuco and Brazilwood are sourced from Brazil and are dried for a number of years in their workshops. Sturm use high-quality materials that have stood the test of time in order to ensure the highest quality playing experience for professional musicians. Our favourite picks? Violin and Cello Bow Round Stick Pernambuco.

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