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Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of celli from makers and manufacturers from around the world. Our team of professional players and teachers thoroughly check each instrument against high-quality standards. Every instrument is professionally set up by a trained luthier in our workshop. We have a huge range of celli for all budgets. Whether you are purchasing your first cello or looking to upgrade to an advanced instrument, Simply for Strings will have something to suit you. All of our celli ship in a secure and well-packed box for safe arrival to you. We ship cellos all over Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin.

Crafted & Tested by The Best
A cello from Simply for Strings comes set up, ready to play & expertly tested.

Begin your musical journey the right way with our expertly set up instruments.

Our makers inspect, adjust and trial every handcrafted instrument we sell, for easy playability and performance. Emphasising clarity, responsiveness and a balanced, well-rounded tone, our instruments are hand-crafted to last and sound spectacular.

Don’t fight an uphill battle with an instrument that just doesn’t feel right and won’t keep in tune.

From the bridge to the endpin, every element is handcrafted and examined. Each of our instruments is a vehicle to unleash your capacity for self-expression. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Listen To How They Play
Not sure which cello is right for you? Listen to our favourties below to get a preview of the depth and sound they carry.
Our Best-Selling Cellos
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ensure the sound post and bridge are correctly fitted to each cello?

Most certainly. This is one of the most crucial parts of our expert set up on every instrument we sell. Every cello has had its sound post and bridge hand-carved by our team of luthiers (violin makers). When buying any string instrument we advise only purchasing one that has been expertly set up. This ensures correct string heights and spacings as well as the instrument sounding and playing its best. 

Do your cellos come with a warranty?

Yes! Our warranty is 12 months from date of purchase and covers the instrument for manufacturing defect. We also offer FREE 3-month servicing on all our instruments to ensure your cello performing its best.

Are your cellos ready to play?

Yes. All of our celli are professionally set up and tested by our violin makers and players. We test, tune and inspect every cello before it is carefully packed and shipped to you. Of course, you can also visit us in-store to purchase a cello as all of our instruments are set up, available and ready to take home. 

Does my cello come with a bow and case/bag?

All Simply for Strings 'Outfits' include a case (soft bag) and a bow. We recommend purchasing your own end pin stop and rosin as these are essential for the learner. 
Some of our more advanced instruments are sold as 'instrument only' as most players at this level have their own case and bow or will purchase these separately to give them the choice.

Do you freight cellos all over Australia?

Yes, we do. We carefully package our cellos to ensure they arrive to you safe and sound and ready to play. We have developed our own deluxe fragile shipping service and guarantee our cellos will arrive safely. Any hiccups and we will take care of them ASAP.

Professional Advice on Buying a Cello
Why Simply for Strings
Personalised service
Ask us anything, there isn’t a question too big or too small!. We’re there for every step of your musical journey. Chat to us any time.
Massive range
We have the biggest range of internationally recognised brands and new arrivals landing every week. We don’t sell duds.
Fragile shipping
Every cello is packed with care and shipped to you in an upright position, ensuring a safe journey and happy arrival.
ready to play
Simply for Strings’ dedicated workshop team deliver a high quality setup on each individual instrument, making them a delight to play.

Free AU shipping over $99