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We source our range of violins from makers and manufacturers all over the world. All instruments are thoroughly checked against high-quality standards. Every instrument is then professionally setup by a trained luthier in our workshop. We have a huge range of beginner violins for all budgets. Whether you are purchasing your first violin or looking to upgrade to a more advanced violin, we will have something to suit you.

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Crafted and Tested by the Best
We adjust, test and inspect every instrument we sell.

Begin your musical journey the right way with our expertly set up instruments.

Our makers inspect, adjust and trial every handcrafted instrument we sell, for easy playability and performance. Emphasising clarity, responsiveness and a balanced, well-rounded tone, our instruments are hand-crafted to last and sound spectacular.

Don’t fight an uphill battle with an instrument that just doesn’t feel right and won’t keep in tune.

From the bridge to the endpin, every element is handcrafted and examined. Each of our instruments is a vehicle to unleash your capacity for self-expression. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which violin is best for beginners?

We recommend looking at our Prelude, Arioso and Virtuoso range of violins as these are all excellent choices for the novice or continuing student. Each instrument has its own unique sound, but all are professionally finished and set up by our expert team of violin makers. 

Do you ensure the sound post and bridge are correctly fitted to each violin?

Most certainly. This is one of the most crucial parts of our expert set up on every instrument we sell. Every violin has had its sound post and bridge hand-carved by our team of luthiers (violin makers). When buying any string instrument we advise only purchasing one that has been expertly set up. This ensures correct string heights and spacings as well as the instrument sounding and playing its best. 

How much should you pay for a good violin?

We would recommend the Arioso (approx. $400+) . It's a beginner model but not the lowest in the range, and produces a lovely tone. This would help a beginner progress from the start. You will also need some extras. The violin comes with a case and bow, but you'll also need to buy a shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, music stand (if there isn't one at home already) and presumably a book that will be recommended by the teacher. 

Do your violins come with a warranty?

Yes! Our warranty is 12 months from date of purchase and covers the instrument for manufacturing defect. We also offer FREE 3-month servicing on all our instruments to ensure your musical partner is performing its best.

Do your violins come ready to play?

Yes. All of our violins are professionally set up and tested by our violin makers and players. We test, tune and inspect every violin before it is carefully packed and shipped to you. Of course, you can also visit us in-store to buy a violin as all of our instruments are set up, available and ready to take home. 

Does my violin come with a bow and case?

All Simply for Strings 'Outfits' include a case and a bow. We recommend purchasing your own Shoulder Rest and Rosin as these are essential for the learner. 
Some of our more advanced instruments are sold as 'instrument only' as most players at this level have their own case and bow or will purchase these separately to give them the choice.

The Art of the Violin

The melodious notes of a violin have echoed through centuries, captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts across the globe. Derived from the Medieval Latin word "vitula", "violin" is the literal translation of "string instrument". Its Latin word origin is also believed to come from "vitulari", which means "to be joyful" or "to make merry". Staying true to its name, playing the violin is a joyful and pleasurable experience for the player and their listeners. 

At Simply for Strings, the best violin shop for your needs regardless of your playing ability, we offer a diverse selection of violins for musicians of all levels. We are part of a passionate community of music lovers here to help provide a harmonious playing journey. With a range of premium violin types and brands, we invite you to explore the beautiful world of strings.

Anatomy of a Violin: A Symphony of Craftsmanship

At the heart of the enchanting melodies produced by a violin lies its intricate anatomy, a testament to centuries of artistry and innovation. Each element, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully placed, contributes to the instrument's identity and sonic character:

  • The scroll: This decorative yet functional element crowns the instrument, representing the artistic expression infused into the very essence of the violin.
  • The neck and fingerboard: As you descend along the neck, you encounter the fingerboard, a smooth surface typically made of ebony, where the musician's fingers dance, creating unique pitches and tones.
  • The body: Crafted from carefully selected tonewoods, the top plate is typically made from spruce, while the back and sides are often fashioned from maple.
  • The F-holes: Gracefully adorning the soundboard, these elegant f-shaped apertures enhance the instrument's aesthetics and facilitate the release of sound, allowing it to resonate and reverberate with clarity.
  • The bridge: Positioned between the F-holes, the bridge is delicately carved to optimise the instrument's sound production, supporting the strings and transmitting their vibrations to the body of the violin.
  • The sound post: A small, cylindrical piece of wood that sits beneath the treble side of the bridge, it plays a crucial role in transmitting vibrations and enhancing the instrument's overall tonal quality.
  • The tailpiece and endpin: Anchoring the strings at the instrument's base, the tailpiece serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the endpin, a retractable rod, supports the violin's weight, allowing you to find a comfortable playing position.

Types of Violins: Harmonising Diversity

Simply for Strings offers a diverse selection of violins to cater to every musician's individual preferences. Whether you're drawn to the classical resonance of a traditional violin, the modern allure of an electric violin, or the folk-inspired tones of a specialised violin outfit, our collection spans a spectrum of choices for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Beginner Violins: Enduring Beauty

Our curated selection of beginner violins harmonises accessibility with top-tier craftsmanship, becoming a perfect starting point for aspiring musicians. Made by trusted brands like our very own branded Prelude, Arioso, and Virtuoso, each violin undergoes additional meticulous checks in our workshop. We ensure every violin is set up correctly by our expert luthiers to ensure novice players learn the right technique and playing style while your instrument is guaranteed optimal playability and a rich, nuanced sound. With a case and bow in every outfit, our beginner violins promise a quality, convenient and delightful experience when taking your first steps into the enchanting world of violin music.

Intermediate Violins: A New Form of Musical Creativity

As you progress on your musical journey, intermediate violins provide an advanced yet accessible transition, allowing you to explore intricate melodies and expressive techniques. Crafted from premium tonewoods and honed by esteemed makers, our selection resonates with clarity and responsiveness. Moreover, our luthiers meticulously tailor each instrument, fine-tuning the bridge, strings, and overall setup for optimal playability. Whether you're progressing from the beginner stages or seeking a refined instrument, our intermediate violins embody a commitment to musical excellence.

Advanced Violins: Developing Superb Mastery

Our collection of advanced violins represents the epitome of craftsmanship and musicality, inviting you to explore the zenith of musical expression. Sourced from illustrious makers like Pierre Marcel, Helmut Illner, and Jay Haide, these instruments are tailored to the demands of advanced techniques and complex compositions. Furthermore, our expert luthiers set up each instrument to become a diligently reliable and adaptable companion to your artistic performance. Designed specifically for professional musicians, our advanced violins offer unparalleled tonal richness, dynamic responsiveness, and a platform for musical exploration at the highest level.

Electric and Carbon Fibre Violins: A Modern Melody of Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, electric violins take centre stage, introducing a fusion of classical elegance and modern innovation. Designed to be amplified, they open new avenues for experimentation and creativity. With violin brands like Yamaha and Presto, our collection offers exquisite options for modern musicians. Carbon fibre violins are prized for their unique blend of strength, durability, and contemporary aesthetics. The material's inherent stability contributes to the instrument's longevity, providing a reliable companion for many years. We stock Mezzo Forte carbon fibre violins, which are exclusive instruments that resonate with the demands of contemporary players. 

Unleash Your Musical Spirit With our Knowledgeable Assistance at our Violin Shop

At Simply for Strings, we believe playing the violin should be an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you are purchasing your first violin or looking to upgrade to a more advanced instrument, our professional staff also play string instruments, so we can skillfully help you find what you need. We source our range of violins from makers and manufacturers all over the world and thoroughly check all instruments against our high-quality standards. Moreover, each violin is professionally set up by a trained luthier in our workshop to guarantee a perfect sound from the first stroke of the bow. 

Explore our curated collection of premium violins delivered Australia-wide, and let us be your trusted musical companion as you discover the joy and passion of violin playing. As musicians ourselves, we're here to help make your instrument purchase as seamless as possible. So, let us join you on your musical journey and take your violin playing to new heights.

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