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Graded String Orchestra Repertoire for the QLD curriculum

Graded String Orchestra Repertoire for the QLD curriculum

Find the perfect fit for your string orchestra...

The Simply for Strings Education team and four Education Queensland Instrumental Music String teachers have assessed hundreds of string orchestra pieces, to align them with the Education Queensland curriculum levels.
These documents outline the concepts covered in the pieces and can be used by any string teacher in Australia.

These documents are available for use for teachers Australia-wide.
Click the level links below to access the PDF guide.
Updated as of May 2020!

Level 1 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10

Please contact us if you have any issues accessing the above documents.

Click here to access our complete range of string orchestra titles.

With the new Education Queensland Instrumental Music curriculum launched in 2017, Queensland has seen a sweep into a positive direction to align teaching and learning standards across the state. To help with this change, Teegan has seen the need to support teachers in the changeover process from a resource, information and access perspective.

We have combined with four EQ IM Strings teachers to align available string orchestra repertoire to the ten levels based on the learning outcomes of each individual work. Each piece listed has a purchase website link and a watch or listen link, both for easy access.

Providing support to teachers is our number one priority.
These documents have been created to support strings teachers in all schools - we are aware teachers simply do not have the time to be sifting through hundreds of string orchestra scores on an individual basis, so we have happily helped to lighten your load!
In using these curriculum level guides as a support resource, they are designed to:
  • Make you feel empowered and nurtured - teaching on your own in a school can be lonely at times, and it is always nice to know that someone is 'in your corner'.
  • Help you through our understanding - we understand there is enough of a workload on teachers (particularly with the recent QTU work to rule) without the need to dissect string orchestra scores on your own for hours on end.
  • Help you have quick and reliable access to which string orchestra works you require and find exactly what you need for each curriculum level.
  • Help our rural and regional teachers through easy access from home or school from your laptop.
  • Be used for programmes where teaching occurs across violin, viola, cello and double bass in the one class.
  • Help teachers with small programmes to produce quality music performance and student learning with a small amount of time.
  • Be used as part of the literacy, technique and performance components of assessment from ensemble repertoire.
  • Help any strings teacher (not only the DET in Queensland) across the country who may wish to refer to these documents and build their programmes using the concepts and KLAs of the EQ IM curriculum.
Going forward:
We would love to hear your feedback on these documents and how they help you, so we can continue to provide resources for teachers across Queensland and Australia. We are keen to start on duets, trios and quartets if required, but hope that a string orchestra basis will help as a starting point in our relationship.
We hope this is a usable and workable document for you, and easy enough with a click of a button to relate your string orchestra files to the relevant curriculum levels.
If you require any additional assistance or have any thoughts, new directions, or ideas for us to further support teachers, please let us know!
These PDF documents will be updated every February (for Australian composer releases) and July (international composer releases).

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