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How to: Use a Humidifier

How to: Use a Humidifier

A humidifier will protect your precious violin, viola, cello or double bass from damage, whether you live in a hot, dry desert area or in the freezing arctic zone. Most of our Queensland customers will know that keeping your instrument out of the car during Summer is a must – but did you know your instrument needs just as much care in the cooler months?

Sudden moisture loss can put the instrument under stress, causing tuning instability, buzzing, shrinkage or even cracks in the plates. If you come into our Red Hill store during Autumn and Winter, you will notice we keep the store at a humid level (approximately 40%-60%) to ensure our instruments remain stable.

Placing a humidifier in your instrument case or actually inside the instrument can prevent any damage from occurring. A simple, inexpensive humidifier is all that is required to save your instrument from any damage caused by low humidity.

Humidifiers gradually release moisture into the surrounding air, protecting your instrument and your bow. Our favourite humidifier is shaped like a snake, and is very easy to use on a daily basis. Choose one for your instrument - violin/viola, cello or double bass. All you need to do is soak it in water, wipe away any excess water and then insert it into the f-hole of your instrument. Musicians must be sure to wipe away any excess water, as instruments do not like water droplets on their varnish!

How to Use a Humidifer Video Tutorial

The difference to sound after use is incredible, and you can leave a humidifier in the instrument whilst practising and even performing! If you experience a lot of humidity changes, some of our cases and metronomes have hygrometers that can measure the humidity levels for you. Check out the Intelli IMT-801 5-in-1 Metronome here.

When used properly and monitored, a humidifier will ensure your instrument and bow remain safe from shrinkage and cracking.

Please visit us in our Red Hill store or call us on 07 3368 3666 if you have any further questions.

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