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Just Landed: Rondofile | Annotation Made Easy

Just Landed: Rondofile | Annotation Made Easy

At Simply for Strings, we're always on the lookout for new trends, exceptional brands and unrivalled quality to bring the best of the musical world through our doors.

We're happy to announce that we are now stocking Rondofile products.

Australian designed, Rondofile allows you to directly annotate on various types of sheet material, whether it be music, text or handwritten documents, drawings or other forms of artwork.

Rondofile is a unique display folder initially designed for music teachers and students. The rationale behind creating Rondofile is to make annotations on music quicker and easier for musicians and instrumentalists.

However, it is also aptly suitable for;

  • Hobbies, drama, arts and crafts, drawings

  • Worksheets (school/uni/work)

  • Score sheets (sport/recreational)

  • Progress notes and reports (personal/professional/recreational & fitness)

  • Handwriting and note-taking, recipes

  • Portfolios and presentations

  • Brochures; pamphlets; information sheets; small/medium/A4 sizes

  • Many more

Rondofile files away, neatly and securely, almost anything that needs to be displayed!

The innovative design of the plastic sheet holder with its unique retaining tab design technology enables a sheet of paper to be quickly and easily placed or filed. At the same time, the majority of the paper is exposed allowing direct annotation or correction.

Once filed, the sheet is protected and held into a sturdy display folder. Rondofile is specially designed for music teachers and students of all ages and learning levels to maximize their learning, creativity, and productivity.

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