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Music Listening Made Easy - Free Resources

Music Listening Made Easy - Free Resources

At Simply for Strings, we passionately believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore the beautiful world of music. Music is a universal language that has the power to transform lives. That’s why we are delighted to support Concerts for All and their wonderful '1 Hour A Day' of music listening campaign.

Music education is important for many reasons. It fosters creativity, supports cognitive development, relieves stress, boosts confidence, fosters connection and brings joy. However, there is one important part of music education that is often overlooked: listening to music. This simple yet powerful practice can transform a child's musical journey. By taking the time to really listen, children can better understand different sounds, enjoy the beauty of music, and improve their own playing. Listening helps them connect with music on a deeper level and appreciate the magic it brings to their lives. The '1 Hour A Day' campaign is an inspiring initiative that encourages families to make music a regular part of their routine, enriching children's lives in countless ways.

The team at Concerts for All is helping families practice music listening with a wealth of fantastic online resources for teachers, parents, and students. 

Free Music Listening Resources

Explore these wonderful resources and let us know which one you love the most!

Playlists – Listen Now!

These playlists will ease you into the world of classical music. Newcomers will find an inviting introduction with familiar melodies, while experienced listeners can discover masterpieces. Explore at your own pace, deepen your love for classical music, and share the joy with others!


Music Trivia – Test Your Knowledge!

Test your knowledge with Music Trivia! Each quiz is inspired by the playlists, so make sure to listen carefully before diving into the questions. Whether you're a classical music novice or a seasoned enthusiast, these quizzes are a fun way to challenge yourself and learn more about your favourite pieces.


Watchlists – Watch Now!

These engaging videos offer an exciting way for children to immerse themselves in the classical music world. Whether you're watching animated stories that bring music to life or live performances that showcase the brilliance of composers and musicians, this watchlist provides a captivating visual and auditory experience.

Watch more videos... 


Music Appreciation Exercises – Expand Your Understanding!

Take your appreciation and understanding of classical music to the next level with Music Appreciation Exercises. By answering the guided questions, you'll delve deeper into the nuances of each piece. For an even richer experience, it's best to do these exercises with your teacher, allowing for in-depth discussion and analysis. This collaborative approach will enhance your insights and foster a greater connection to the music.

We are excited to see how the '1 Hour A Day' campaign by Concerts for All will inspire a deeper connection to music for families everywhere. By incorporating these rich resources into daily routines, parents and teachers can cultivate a love for classical music that will benefit children for a lifetime. Let's make music listening a joyful and integral part of every child's education, transforming their musical journey and enriching their lives with the beauty and magic of music.



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