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Product Review: My Next Pieces by Stephen Chin

Product Review: My Next Pieces by Stephen Chin

Australian composer, Stephen Chin, launched his long-awaited new tutor and flexi book series, My Next Pieces, in March 2021 at Simply for Strings hosted by the Education team. The event was a great success with dozens of teachers attending to play through these exciting new works to the solo and ensemble repertoire. The possibilities are endless with this series!

If you are looking for an easily flexible yet incredibly stable teaching resource, this compilation of 146 pieces which have been composed, arranged and compiled by Stephen himself. My Next Pieces is the ultimate choice to counter unevenness in ensemble instrumentation. This resource follows on from My First Pieces, and has been devised to guide developing string players to an intermediate level of playing.  Additionally, audio recordings of the piano accompaniments for each piece may be downloaded freely from 

Throughout the book there are “Teacher’s Notes” which you will find useful when tackling a new idea or work.   The string Pedagogy has been carefully sequenced so that both musical and technical concepts build in a logical manner and this is logged at the start of each book in the Contents table. 

Featuring many styles, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Fold, Swing and Romantic are just a few of the musical styles presented in an array of keys and modes.  You will be amazed at how much fun scales can be after presenting from this text and string finger patterns are clearly outlined for Major, Melodic and Harmonic scales.  

Another unique feature is the string and piano accompaniments, scales, exercises and glossary.  These pieces can be played as solos, duets, trios, quartets and in different ensemble settings, with the melody written for each instrument making this an ideal resource for those string programs that don’t fit the usual mold.  We all know those ensembles of 2 violas and 4 cellos bass, but no violins…… 

The tutor books are available for:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double bass

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Teacher and Accompaniment books include:

  • Teacher’s score
  • Piano Accompaniment
  • String Accompaniment for each individual instrument
  • String Accompaniment score
Shop Everything String publications online with free shipping over $99*!

Great care has gone to ensure quality fingering in the Double Bass melody parts and there are great photos throughout each instrument book with hand positions clearly demonstrated.  Attention to articulation details and bowing patterns Sturdy spiral binding allows for flat page layouts with each concept clearly presented in line with the Table of Contents.  

AMEB levels are also well catered with students being able to access works up to and including AMEB 3.  Alignment with the Education Queensland Curriculum 2017 demonstrates how one unique resource can cover so many different teaching elements.  

Levels 3-6 concepts are clearly outlined below. 

Level 3 

  • Semiquavers
  • A major/A minor
  • D.S. Al Coda and D.S Al Fine
  • Lento Largo
  • Hook Stroke and Zig Zag Bowing ie Dotted Crotchet

Level 4 

  • Triplets
  • 6/8 Time
  • Tremolo, Sfz
  • F Major/D Minor 

Level 5

  • Chromatic
  • Swing Style
  • Ornamentation
  • Level 5 Rhythms and Cut Common Time
  • Martele and Spiccato
  • Position Work 

Level 6

  • Vibrato
  • Position Changes
  • Bb Major/G Minor

Like Stephen, we are excited of the opportunities this tutor series presents and are sure you too will be exhilarated and motivated about the endless combinations in which you can use this resource in your private, school or ensemble setting.

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