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Product Review: Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro Viola Strings

Product Review: Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro Viola Strings

The Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Pro Viola Strings are suitable for both professionals and students. They offer a wide dynamic range as well as a great tone. These strings provide a balanced projection on the lower C and G strings, in my opinion. This is useful for violists because the lower register can occasionally be limited if a string does not respond correctly. I also discovered that the strings settled fairly quickly, in around 2-3 days. They also respond well to the bow, resulting in a very even tone.

One thing that I had noticed was that the A could tend to be quite bright in the upper register. But this shouldn't be too much of a deterrent for players who want quite a big sound. In comparison to the Evah Pirazzi A string, though, I found the Dominant Pro has the ability to provide clarity more than harshness. It works quite well even as a standalone string; perhaps if used with another set, it provides clarity that some A strings can miss. This goes for the entire set, which, if put on a brighter-sounding instrument, would still provide clarity and projection. They are, though, quite warm-sounding strings when it comes to the overall sound. I mention this since this is why I think they would work for a large range of instruments. They are easy to play with because of their quick response time. They provide a great dynamic range, especially when using softer dynamics.

The sound across each string is very well balanced. When you cross strings, the sound of the strings doesn't change much because they blend together well. In saying this, these strings have a great core sound and allow the viola to show its unique quality. The string gives a lot of nuance to the bow and, from my experience, works for a lot of different styles of playing. When using them on my viola for contemporary works, they were very, very easy to use with extended techniques. While playing Romantic period works, their deeper sound quality provided a rich colour, which worked very well in that style.

All in all, if you’re looking for a set of strings at any level, these are a great option. With their deep sound, clarity, and projection, they would work for a large variety of instruments. I really enjoyed playing these strings on my viola, and if you are to use them, I hope you do as well.

Written by Sophia Mackson, Violist and Sales Associate at Simply for Strings

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