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Case Batons Australia - Hand-Made Batons

Handcrafted Conductor's Batons by Case for Orchestral and Choral Conducting


Designed for the discerning conductor the Case Batons range is available in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Every baton is handcrafted using exquisite Australian Timbers and incorporating the strength and durability of a carbon fibre shaft. We take tremendous pride in ensuring the integrity of each piece as we understand the importance of the elegance balanced against the practicality required of a Conductor's Baton.

Each baton is a piece of art and and completely individual.Case Batons was founded by Laurie Case  in the late 80s He was an Instrumental Music Teacher in rural Queensland and his baton broke. Fortunately, he was kindly shown the tricks of the wood lathe by a friend, Llew Seymour from the local High school in Kingaroy. From this humble beginning, Case Batons was nurtured and honed by Laurie and it brought him tremendous joy for many years in creating and supplying something simple yet profoundly important to virtually any musical/choral ensemble leader. Case Batons are a small family business interested in producing beautiful and functional batons and accessories for Conductors throughout Australia and the world. Be assured you are purchasing an exclusive and individual piece handcrafted and balanced for optimal performance form and function intertwined. Simply for Strings are a proud stockist of Case Batons, offering same-day shipping* Australia wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wood are Case Batons made from?

Case Batons are an Australian company and their grips are individually turned on a lathe from a variety of timbers, mostly Australian hardwood timbers such as Spotted Gum, Red Gum, and Coolibah Burl. Some even use a hybrid of both timber and resin. As each of their batons are individually made, no two batons are alike

Are Case Batons able to fix my baton if the shaft breaks?

Because of Case Batons' stable design of their batons, the shaft is permanently fixed to the heel or grip. As such, they are unable to replace just the shaft. They have however in the past made new batons replicating the wood and design of the original baton.

What are the different grip options available?

Case Batons use 6 specific styles of grip which vary greatly in shape. These are the only grip styles that they offer. Though as each of their batons are individually made, these grips will vary in length, thickness and taper. This often happens with individually made batons as the material itself will determine the final outcome

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