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Repairs and Servicing

Practiced hands. Expert craftsmanship. Unparalleled care.

With no-obligation consultations, there’s no reason not to get expert eyes on your instrument.

During your instrument’s lifetime, you’ll be met with moments that require the skills of an expert luthier. 

Whether it’s maintenance, repairs, or an all-out restoration, you want to know that your instrument is in the hands of the best person for the job.

Welcome to our Workshop.

Looking for repairs and servicing to transform your sound? You’re in the right place. Our door is always open.

Dedicated services

Woven deep within Simply for Strings is a celebration of individual creative expression. And this funnels into our repair and maintenance services. 

Every service is tailor-made to fit you. Because it’s all about your journey with musicality.

No two instruments and no two players are the same. To create the optimal solution for you and your strings, we make it our priority to understand the nuances of your unique instrument and your relationship with playing.

Step-by-step updates

As musicians ourselves, we know what it feels like to be away from our stringed treasures.

We know that when you leave your instrument in our care, you’re handing over your most prized possession.

We care for your instrument like we care for our own, and we know how important it is to keep you up-to-date at every step of the repair journey.

With email and text updates, you’ll be tuned into every moment of your instrument’s repair or servicing journey.

Where passion meets excellence

From the minor projects, to entire instrument restorations, our passionate luthiers infuse their masterful skills, second-to-none experience, and heartfelt care for stringed instruments.

As both makers and players of string instruments, our luthiers see the 360° picture. Because it’s not just about the strings. The bridge. The pegs. It’s about the feel. The sound. The experience.


The Simply for Strings team brought my 1977 violin back to life.

Start Ratings

Yes it's old. Yes it's not the best violin in the world but my grandmother bought it for me so holds sentimental value. The service at this shop is how good ol' fashioned service used to be everywhere. Thank you for a lovely experience.

Simply for Strings did a really great job servicing the new cello I had recently bought.

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I had just purchased a new cello to replace the old rented one I was using and had it serviced, as well as some small adjustments made and they made sure the instrument was working well. They did an amazing job and made sure that my first owned cello was in great condition for use, thank you so much.

Simply for Strings did an absolute marvellous job servicing my violin.

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I've played it for over 30 years and I don't think it has ever sounded as good as it does now. The staff were lovely and I really appreciated the excellent advice from the luthier, who just worked wonders on the violin! They also fixed up my little 1/8 violin and did a lovely job with that too.

Simply for Strings were sensational from the minute they answered the phone to the fast turnaround

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My old bass was in a bad way and I had a very short timeframe for repairs. Simply for Strings were sensational from the minute they answered the phone to the fast turnaround, despite being snowed under with back to school repairs. The after repair service and information provided was much appreciated. I won't be going anywhere else with my bass from now on. Thanks so much everyone!

In our Workshop, we pour our whole hearts into setting your strings up for musical brilliance.

Our team of expert luthiers are propelled by their passion for setting string players up with the best possible sound. With a combined 15 years experience, they go above and beyond to put playability, sound, and a deep respect for the instrument at the centre of everything they do.

With a far-reaching range of services that spans everything from set ups, to tone refinement, to restorations (and everything in between) - our Workshop is your first port of call for everything and anything you need to breathe life back into your instrument.

Meet the Team

Daniele Scuderi

Workshop Lead | Luthier | Lifelong Woodworker

Mel Piper

Luthier | Woodworking Enthusiast | Multi-Instrumentalist

Millie Antliff

Apprentice Luthier | Double Bassist | Adorer of Instruments

Music is all about connection. And so are we.

To book in your free no-obligation consultation, or to learn more about our maintenance and repair services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tuning, cleaning, re-stringing and other basic maintenance services?

For small modifications, hop over to our blog for handy do-it-yourself tips or grab your instrument and visit us in-store at the Old Church where, yes, we can take care of those for you. Our staff is made up of highly knowledgeable musicians, and they’re more than happy to lend a hand.

I’m not sure what exactly needs to be repaired on my instrument. Can you help?

Absolutely! It’s why we’re here. Visit us in-store with your instrument and we’ll sort you out with an obligation-free consultation.

I didn’t purchase my instrument from you, can you still service it?

Of course. You don’t need to purchase your instrument from us to have it serviced or repaired at our Maker’s Studio. Regardless of where your instrument has come from, whose hands it has been in before, whether it’s a family heirloom or a recent purchase - there’s nothing we care about more than getting back to you, fine-tuned for excellence.

How long can I expect to wait for an instrument repair?

Sometimes, you don’t need to wait at all. 

For minor repairs like broken strings, we can make in-store repairs. To guarantee your spot, it’s best to book ahead via our online booking form.

For more extensive repairs, wait times vary based on the services required.

However, with every repair and maintenance service, we aim for the fastest turnaround possible. Right from the beginning, we’ll communicate your timeline and keep you up-to-date throughout the entire repair process.

Do you offer free quotes?

We sure do. Simply book an in-person or phone consultation here for a free no-obligation quote.

Do you repair professional instruments and bows?

Absolutely. We repair hundreds of professional instruments and bows each year.

Get in touch

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