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Leatherwood Amber Double Bass Rosin System

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The Amber Range is the first comprehensive rosin system for Double Bass, and the newest rosin range from Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.

The Amber Range is designed to help Double Bass players find the exact combination of stickiness, grip, traction & lyrical quality to suit their playing needs.

The Amber Range’s rosin recipe chart offers an almost unlimited choice of recipe grades, ranging from hard rosins (similar to cello rosins) through to recipes that are very soft and sticky, with a helpful guide on how to choose the right recipe for your playing. By varying the recipe grade, Bass players can have more control over sound and response characteristics such as Grip, Traction, Lyrical Quality, and Powder Content.

The Amber Range offers 2 rosin recipes per pack - 30% and 50%.

Different grades of rosin recipe can be mixed on the bow for further enhancement. For example, a player might first apply the 30% grade as the ‘base recipe’, then occasionally add the 50% for extra grip.

The Amber Range only uses ingredients with low or no evaporative volatility, which means in normal playing circumstances* the rosin will not degrade over time. Normal playing circumstances means there is no exposure to extreme heat, cold or humidity. A ‘normal’ temperature range is considered 5°C - 25°C

The Amber Range has evolved over a 6 year period of trials and consultation with Bass players from all over the world, including players from Orchestras including the Berlin Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic and many others. We have worked with bass Orchestral bass players (professional, amateur, student, college), pedagogues, Jazz and improvisatory / experimental players, solo and chamber music players, and players of bowed electric bass. Our bass rosin recipes have journeyed through a whole spectrum of recipe formulations and ingredient varieties in order to meet the demands these players and their varying playing contexts. In order to comprehensively meet these demands, we now present the Amber Range, which brings together all of this research and consultation, offering Bass players a range of recipe choices, from very hard to very soft rosins, that can cater to differing playing needs, sound needs, grip strength and climactic conditions.

How to Use the Amber Range:
Use the recipe grade chart to choose your desired recipes (2 per pack). When you receive your rosin:

  • Carefully separate the walls of the rubber cup from the rosin

  • Lift the rosin slightly out of the cup or peel down sides of cup

  • Keep your fingers touching the sides of the cup, not the rosin

  • Apply with fast bow strokes, with light pressure on the rosin

  • Use as little Rosin as possible to allow as much hair as possible to interact with the string. Applying too much rosin can result in a classy and slippery effect

  • Swipe towards the centre of the rosin to avoid chipping

  • When first opening the pack the surface may appear with white powder. This is just a result of the rubber touching the rosin and will not affect usage

  • To melt your rosin back into shape, just sit it in the cup on a flat surface in a warm environment and it will gradually melt back into the shape of the cup. Then allow it to cool and harden before using again

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