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Care and Maintenance for Professional Development

Care and Maintenance for Professional Development

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about string instruments to get you by in your teaching or professional career, however when something breaks or goes wrong, you’re not too sure of what to do or if it can be repaired?

Perhaps you haven’t ever heard of words such as ‘seam’ or ‘saddle’,  or simply not sure how to clean your instrument effectively? Perhaps you would like to learn how to structurally check an instrument and service it efficiently and effectively?

Our Care and Maintenance workshop offerings are your answer -  there is a world of benefits which underlie our professional development workshops for teachers, support staff and professionals.

Just like cars, string instruments require 6 and 12 month service maintenance to ensure they continue working and moving efficiently and effectively. In conjunction with regular daily care, instrument servicing and health checks are integral to your program’s success by using appropriate skills and products.

Why should teachers and staff learn Care and Maintenance for Professional Development?

I will happily admit, when I first started at Simply for Strings, being the daughter of professional string musicians and teachers and having been a school and studio strings teacher myself for years, I thought I knew everything about instruments and instrument care... how wrong I was! I am now glad to be able to share all my learnings through PD, knowing that this was the PD I needed when I was teaching in and managing hundreds of instruments across five schools a week. 

There are many benefits to learning how to service instruments, such as:

  • building your professional and personal skill set
  • assisting with student and school owned instruments
  • ensuring your school's instrument inventory is viable and performs at its best for the short-term and long-term
  • lowers potential repair costs by catching repair needs early
  • you can use the very same skills to teach your students, creating a legacy.

Regular servicing maintenance at 6 - 12 month servicing is recommended (we recommend the end of Term 2 and end of Term 4 together with your students) which includes an instrument health check inspection to determine any needed repairs that may be required which are not easily spotted with the naked eye or at first glance.

The benefits of care and maintenance and general servicing include:

  • maintaining clean and healthy timbers, which ensures the tone of the instrument remains open
  • examining any structural issues
  • ensuring the lifespan of the strings and other parts of the instrument
  • gaining the best possible sound from individual instruments, and therefore, your ensemble.

Professional Development Your Own Way

Teachers and support staff across Australia can learn how to service their instrument inventory. 

Care and Maintenance PD can occur by appointment in-store, online by video call and on-site at school. All sessions are empowering, based on previous knowledge and experience, and can be taken solo, in groups of up to 5 (online) or up to 20 at a time such as at a conference or staff professional development session in school.

Some Testimonials From Previous Workshops

In person:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your maintenance workshops. I was very hesitant to start with - especially with the part where everything gets taken off the instrument - but I took the information and skills away and am so happy with the results.

I have since very happily just spent nearly 30 hours fully maintaining our schools violins, violas and cellos in my last week of school for the year. It has been so very therapeutic and oddly satisfying! I know our instruments will definitely benefit from the TLC they have received (most of which will be 10 - 15 years old and apart from fixing any major problems they have never been serviced as such).

Thank you so much for your willingness to share information and educate - it is greatly appreciated.”

Rebekah Tonkin - Strings Teacher

Bundaberg Christian College, Bundaberg QLD

Online video call:

“Teegan presented an incredibly helpful video for the string staff at Canberra Grammar School in 2020.

This workshop helped us to gain the skills and confidence to perform basic maintenance and servicing on our school instruments in our huge instrument stocktake. Teegan was clear, had personal experience from performing these services herself, and was thoughtful in what skills we would need to know. The Zoom workshop was also a great format since we couldn’t travel to undertake the learning ourselves.

Thanks to Simply for Strings, our instruments this year are cleaner, work better, and are in better condition for our students.”

Madeleine Retter -  Head of Strings

Canberra Grammar School, Canberra ACT

Regional staff PD day:

Teegan and her team at Simply for Strings customised a tool kit of quality equipment for our recent regional strings workshop where they covered repair and maintenance topics important in the life of all String teachers. The Simply for Strings team were professional, engaging and delivered a top class, practical PD which left staff feeling confident and ready to tackle anything!

Sharon Gilbert -  Regional IM Coordinator for the DDSW Region

Education Queensland, Toowoomba QLD

Interested in learning more about Care and Maintenance for Professional Development as a string educator? Be sure to contact our Education Sales & Services team today on 1300 739 293, or send us an email at!

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