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Getting Smart With: Buying an Instrument Online

Getting Smart With: Buying an Instrument Online

Buying an instrument online isn’t without it’s risks – you often don’t know what you’ve purchased, or sometimes the instrument can arrive as a do-it-yourself. We see many instruments which are unable to be tuned or worse, unable to be played due to the bridge being too high or not curved. Save yourself and your teacher from any nasty surprises and let us help you begin your musical journey with a professional set up and tested instrument. Whilst cheap may look inviting, the risks are far too great. An un-setup and inexpensive instrument can have serious manufacturing flaws and will undoubtedly cause you more problems and more money in the long-term.

When looking to purchase an instrument online, there's a few key things you need to look out for:

  • Materials used: violins, violas and cellos should be crafted using maple, spruce and ebony. Beginner double basses are often crafted using laminated spruce.
  • Set up: all instruments need to be professionally adjusted and inspected prior to making to your front door. A 'do-it-yourself' instrument can cost hundreds to fix.
  • Shipping: instruments need to be carefully packed prior to shipping. If possible, check if the instrument is being sent with Australia Post or a courier to ensure speedy delivery.
  • Video: listen to a video of the instrument being played, or call the store and ask for a demonstration. We want you to be confident that you'll love your new sound, so we're always striving to add more product videos to our website.

Simply for Strings is here to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience purchasing an instrument online. If you have further questions when browsing our site, click the help button to get in touch with our team. We will be able to respond to our personal recommendations and let you know more about any instrument we offer.

Our instruments undergo rigorous tests before being displayed in our store or shipped to your door, to ensure all of our customers find an instrument that meets all of their performance needs. Our team members are available to play through every instrument from this extensive range for you especially, in order to help you find something you love. With a quick phone call or email to discuss exactly what you’re after, we can take away all the stress from purchasing an instrument for you.

Simply for Strings sends thousands of instruments every year across Australia, so we’ve got packing these precious cargos down pat. We lovingly pack these instruments to ensure no accidents along the way.

Not sure what to expect in each price range? Learn more here and check out our beginner's guide here.

Free AU shipping over $99