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How-to Shop for Advanced Instruments

How-to Shop for Advanced Instruments

Investing in an advanced instrument doesn’t have to be a decision that you make all on your own. The entire Simply for Strings team is dedicated to excellent customer service and are here for every step of your musical journey. 

Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of advanced instruments from makers and manufacturers from around the world. Make your choice from a selection of Chinese and European instruments from Helmut Illner, Jay Haide and Pierre Marcel. Our advanced instruments have been carefully selected for their excellent materials and high-quality craftsmanship, and will see any musician through years of playing. Each advanced instrument is expertly set up by one of our trained luthiers here in Brisbane, and our expert team of professional musicians and string experts often make small adjustments in-store to each advanced instrument, whether it be a change of strings or bridge height adjustment, in order to get the absolute best from these instruments. The utmost attention to detail is paid to each one of our advanced instruments, so you get the very best sound and playing experience. Learn more about our professional set up here.

Helmut Illner
Helmut Illner instruments are an excellent choice for the advanced student or professional musician. The Helmut Illner D and C models are constructed using very high quality aged tonewoods sourced in China, and are handcrafted, under the supervision of the German workshop, in China. The Helmut Illner B and A models are constructed using very high quality aged tonewoods sourced in Europe, and are handcrafted and varnished in Germany. These instruments were selected by Simply for Strings as they provide a powerful, clear tone and are excellent value for money. Typically on the upper register, Helmut Illner instruments are bright and clear and the bass is very sonorous with very easy response and playability. Each Helmut Illner instrument is carefully setup by one of our luthiers here in Brisbane, using high quality Despiau bridges and quality fittings. These instruments are also fitted with advanced synthetic core strings from Pirastro in order to get the best sound from the instrument.

Jay Haide L'Ancienne
Simply for Strings has provided the wonderful Jay Haide L’Ancienne instruments to advanced students and professional musicians for many years. All Jay Haide instruments are hand-made using quality seasoned maple and spruce, and have a tone quality and workmanship normally found in instruments costing much more. Jay Haide now offers models which are crafted using naturally aged quality European tonewoods, which represent excellent value for money. Each Jay Haide instrument is carefully setup by one of our luthiers here in Brisbane, using high-quality Despiau bridges and quality fittings. These instruments are also fitted with advanced synthetic core strings from Pirastro in order to get the best sound from the instrument, however you can definitely experiment with different strings and brands – these instruments take to new strings wonderfully.

Monteverdi and Cadenza
Simply for Strings has also provided the Monteverdi and Cadenza instruments to advanced students. The Monteverdi and Cadenza instruments have been exclusively selected by Simply for Strings for their rich tonal palette. Both models are constructed using high quality Chinese aged tonewoods and are carefully setup by our professionally trained luthiers here in Brisbane. The Cadenza violin is similar to the Monteverdi I, with a rich tonal palette ranging from full, dark colours in the lower register to sweet, singing trebles. Its quick response and strong projection make it an excellent choice for the most discerning player. The Cadenza instrument has higher grade timbers and varnish than that of the Monteverdi I. The tonal palette is therefore more refined, expressive and dynamic.

Our advanced instruments are all sold with upgraded strings – including brands such as D’Addario, Larsen and Pirastro. These higher quality strings ensure you’re getting the best sound and projection out of the instrument. We find most advanced students and professionals like to experiment from time to time with different string types, and all of our advanced instruments respond extremely well to different string types. Learn more about our string range here. We love helping customers experiment with string choices – explore the range online or chat to a string expert in-store or online.

Bows are very important – they compliment your instrument, by bringing out the best sound quality, and also make it possible to accomplish a variety of bow techniques. Weight, balance and flexibility are the determining factors in playing qualities of all bows – all of our bows are hand selected to achieve the optimal combination of these criteria. Read more about selecting a luxury bow here.

We recommend playing through the Dorfler, Paesold and Coda models in particular for advanced students – all three brands staff and teacher preferred due to their consistently high craftsmanship and easy playability.

When investing in an advanced instrument, it’s important to also invest in a high quality, protective case. We have a huge range of cases to suit all budgets – read our guide to upgrading your case here. The Simply for Strings team are obsessed with the new BAM Panther cases – their nano-coating ensures the case will stand the test of time. Explore the BAM Panther range here. The BAM cases shells made of the BAM Hightech technique: a triple-ply structure made of high performance materials (ABS, solid polyurethane foam, another type of ABS). They offer outstanding protection and ultralight weight.

At an advanced level, it’s nice to invest in a higher quality rosin in order to get the best from your bow and strings. Simply for Strings is an authorised stockist of the Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin gives you a definable and tangible control over your connection to the string and shapes your rosin experience to suit your individual playing style. Handmade in New South Wales from Australian pine resin blended with international resins to create a range of set recipes and bespoke blends for violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Attractively packaged in deer leather and velum. Choose from Crisp or Supple blend depending on your playing style.

String Instrument Care and Maintenance
Your new instrument is precious – whether you’ve invested $300 or $3000 in a new instrument, it is very important to show your instrument some TLC. A cleaning cloth is a life-long essential in your musical journey. We also offer a range of other care tools which can be used to treat your instrument at regular intervals. We have created a specialised guide for all of your cleaning needs here.

You may also need to purchase a new shoulder rest, in case your previous one doesn’t fit your new instrument, or a new rockstop in case you’ve misplaced your old one. We have all the accessories you made need in-store or online, with our team of string experts available to help with any question you may have. Our staff pick if you’re upgrading your violin or viola shoulder rest are the exciting Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rests. The Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest is the first shoulder rest using bendable tone wood adjustable to the shape of the shoulder. It offers extensive and very precise personal modifications of position, height and tilt. It brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument and is the perfect addition to your advanced instrument kit.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have any questions regarding upgrading to an advanced instrument with Simply for Strings. We’re only too happy to help!

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