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Inside the Helmut Illner Collection

Inside the Helmut Illner Collection

At Simply for Strings, we are passionate about curating the finest quality instruments for our customers. We are constantly on the look out for instruments that embody the perfect blend of outstanding craftsmanship, great playability and exceptional sound. That's why we are thrilled to showcase a selection of Helmut Illner instruments in our collection.

Each Helmut Illner instrument is crafted by hand, with meticulous attention to detail that ensures unparalleled quality and tonal richness. The Helmut Illner instruments are an excellent choice for the advanced student or professional musician. Typically on the upper register, Helmut Illner instruments are bright and clear and the bass is very sonorous with incredible response and playability.

Pictured: Helmut Illner A Model Violin 4/4 (Germany)

Who is Helmut Illner?

Helmut Illner is one of the most well-known and influential luthiers from the Bavarian town of Erlanger, Germany. Born into a musical family, Helmut Illner was deeply inspired by his grandfather, who was a master violin maker. Helmut Illner did not have an easy childhood, however, he was determined to continue his family’s tradition and never give up on his career as a luthier.

Helmut Illner, alongside luthiers Stöhr and Riedel, created the German String Instrument brand, SIR, and produced many instruments together with their team of luthiers. In 1992, Helmut Illner won the "Best of Sound" award at the Manchester International Cello Festival, hosted by The Royal Northern College in Manchester. 

Helmut Illner is now retired, no longer holding a stake in the SIR brand. Nevertheless, the brand persists in crafting instruments esteemed globally, ensuring that Illner's legacy endures. SIR instruments maintain the exacting standards set by Illner himself, honouring his unparalleled dedication to quality.

Our Professional Set Up

To ensure exceptional playability, our collection of Jay Haide instruments are professionally set up on-site at Simply for Strings. Our luthiers adjust and inspect each and every instrument prior to taking pride of place on our shelves. The Simply for Strings professional set up ensures each instrument is a delight to play from the moment you pick it up.

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Why Our Customers Love Helmut Illner Instruments

"The Helmut Ilner SIR B is my third upgrade since I began learning a little over two years ago and I am absolutely in love with this violin. It’s my ride or die violin, no doubt about it. It makes a huge difference as a student violinist to learn and play on such a high quality instrument. The warm tones and the crisp, direct, singing trebles make this violin an absolute delight to play and the responsiveness makes vibrato a pleasure. The high quality craftsmanship, superb attention to detail in the rosewood pegs and tailpiece, and a lightly antiqued finish has produced an instrument that is a pleasure to hold in your hands and visually admire. You can see that this violin was crafted with love. All of which compels me to become a better student so I can play it the way it deserves to be played, whatever genre I’m exploring." – Zeke

Pictured: Helmut Illner C Model Violin 4/4

Our Helmut Illner Collection

Simply for Strings stocks four different Helmut Illner violin models all year round. Helmut Illner also makes violas and cellos however, we do not always have these instruments in our showroom so please get in touch with our team if you're interested. 

Violins (trial in-store today)

Helmut Illner SIR A Model

Helmut Illner SIR B Model

Helmut Illner SIR C Model

Helmut Illner SIR D Model

Viola (available to order)

Helmut Illner SIR B Model

Cellos (available to order)

Helmut Illner SIR B Model

Helmut Illner SIR C Model


Whether you're in search of a violin, viola, cello, or double bass, at Simply for Strings you'll find an instrument that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Each instrument in our carefully curated collection is chosen for its exceptional quality and performance. Visit our store at your leisure and let one of our experienced and friendly team members guide you through our exquisite range.

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