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Our Guide to the Pirastro Rosin Range

Our Guide to the Pirastro Rosin Range

Rosin is an essential accessory for the string family and presents itself in many different forms, colours and textures. So what is rosin? Rosin is solidified resin which is sourced from trees and is used on the bows of string instruments. But why do we need it? When applied to the bow, the powdery substance creates friction when in contact with the string and acts as grip. This ultimately allows for the string to vibrate and produce sound!

Here at Simply for Strings we sell a large variety of rosins, one of them being by Pirastro. Pirastro is known for their widely loved and highly recommended string sets, and their rosin range has been specifically designed and marketed to work with their corresponding string sets, varying in their characteristics and precision grade of hardness. 

Choosing the right rosin for you can be an overwhelming experience as there are so many to choose from. In this blog we list the characteristics of each Pirastro rosin we stock here at Simply for Strings to help guide you and to make the selection process easier!

Evah Pirazzi Gold

  • Top end of their rosin range and designed to pair with their Evah Pirazzi Gold Strings, Perpetual, and Passione. 
  • Assists in the ease in bow response
  • Very responsive in both the soft and powerful dynamic range
  • Excellent contact and grip, while maintaining an even, smooth tone.
  • Supple and durable 
  • Tip - while this is made for violin, due to the Australian climate we have found it works nicely with cellos too!


  • Suited well to Pirastro’s Evah Pirazzi strings, and performs well with gut strings. 
  • Has great grip, while still relatively soft and gentle
  • Low dust forming, more hypoallergenic  


  • Suited to Pirastro’s Eudoxa and Chorda strings, and generally performs well with other gut style strings
  • Full bodied and strong 


  • Suited for medium tension synthetic strings such as Pirastro’s Obligato Strings
  • Supple and produces a mellow tone


  • Suited for Pirastro’s Tonica strings, and other bright, clear strings
  • Produces a bright and powerful sound
  • Is ‘medium hard’ and has great grip


  • Suited for Gold gut strings
  • Relatively hard


  • Great for majority of strings
  • Contains gold metal powder which creates a warmer and brighter sound.

Pirastro Cello Rosin

  • Recommended for cello
  • Slightly harder 


  • Recommended for cello
  • Soft with great grip


  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for beginner students
  • Packaged in a hard plastic case to be more durable

Written by Imogen Ferdinando Cellist and Customer Care Associate at Simply for Strings

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