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Product Review: Larsen Tzigane Violin Strings

Product Review: Larsen Tzigane Violin Strings

Larsen Tzigane strings are ideal for players with bright to neutral instruments, looking to create more nuance and balance in their sound. With a warm, rich tone that maintains clarity of sound, Larsen Tzigane strings act as a counterbalance to naturally bright instruments.

Having tried many different string brands on my naturally bright violin, I struggled with an overabundance of brightness that left my instrument sounding harsh and crystalline. On playing with Larsen Tzigane strings for the first time, I was immediately struck by the richness and balance they provided for my instrument. Considering this tone, in addition to their responsiveness and short playing in time, they have quickly become my favourite strings.

About Ravel’s Tzigane
The Larsen Tzigane strings were inspired by Maurice Ravel’s Tzigane. A showcase of vibrant virtuosity; many believed this piece to be a satire of the Romani dances from which it was inspired. However Ravel reinforced his genuine whimsy in composing the piece stating “doesn’t it ever occur to these people that I can be ‘artificial’ by nature?” (Roy, 2014).

Much like Ravel’s Tzigane balances smooth and playful accompaniment of piano or orchestra with exuberant and improvisatory solo violin, Larsen Tzigane strings create a balanced tone with distinguishable character. This balance allows the strings to be suitable for both orchestral and solo playing. The character provided to the strings additionally makes them an ideal nylon-core option for Celtic and Folk musicians.

What Larsen has to say

“Larsen Tzigane: Directly inspired by Ravel’s Tzigane and so delivering a richly smooth, saturated, sound with an overlay of sensual warmth. Rapidly played in and eminently playable with excellent focus and projection. A mellow accompaniment for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument.” - Larsen Website

Larsen Tzigane strings are made in both medium and strong tensions. However for the purposes of this review, I have only tested those with medium tension.

String Details (tension and materials)

E (7.3kg) - Carbon Steel Ball End
A (5.7kg) - Multi-filament nylon core/Aluminium
D (5.0kg) - Multi-filament nylon core/Silver
G (4.5kg) - Multi-filament nylon core/Silver

Written by Caley Madden, Violinist and Customer Care Associate at Simply for Strings

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