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Product Review: BAM Cases - The Market Leader in String Instrument Cases

Product Review: BAM Cases - The Market Leader in String Instrument Cases

When you ask most string musicians which case they use, the resounding response is BAM Cases. Even those that don’t have one seem to either want one of find reason to like them. BAM Cases lead the way in style, function form for string instrument players. They are also known for being an excellent travel case.

BAM continues to lead the market when it comes to innovation, design and most of all, instrument protection. Simply for Strings is one of Australia’s major string retailers and stocks a large range of BAM cases for violin, viola and cello. Learn more about these fantastic cases below...

In order to get the highest protection against shocks, the interior of Bam cases are made of high resilience foam cushions, supporting the instrument on its strongest parts. These are designed either as a cradle for the instrument, or as a set up maintaining the instrument in total suspension.

To keep a high-quality standard, Bam decided to make its own polyurethane foam. Therefore, the entire inserts and cushions are injected in special moulds. The foam of these inserts and cushions stands out from other types of foam, offering:

  • a longer lifetime
  • an excellent resilience (the foam gets back to its original shape and strength)
  • a protective “skin” effect for the instrument
  • an excellent protection against weather changes, reinforced by water-resistant fabric

Thermoformed Shells
The thermoforming techniques developed by Bam to manufacture the shells of the cases call for very reliable industrial processes allowing great regularity in the production results.

The 'Classic': Single Layer ABS

  • Extremely strong
  • Very resistant to shocks and puncture
  • Textured or sleek look

The 'Newtech': Double Layer structure with an Airex/PVC foam skeleton

  • ABS outer layer with an anti-scratch PMMA film
  • Great rigidity of the case allowing easy opening and closing
  • Lightweight and resistant to shocks

The 'Hightech': Triple Ply structure with full Airex/PVC foam core

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extremely rigid
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and temperature changes

The BAM Seal:
Each of the thermoformed cases from Bam is equipped with a rigid PVC “male/female” seal. Shaped under heat, this seal ensures a hermetic closing and contributes to the rigidity of the case when it is closed.

Bam uses only high-quality fabrics whose performances have been cautiously validated. Thanks to their aesthetic qualities, as well as their resistance to water and tear, they offer a long time lifespan to covered cases. The zipper used by Bam is exclusively made by YKK whose quality is recognised worldwide.

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