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Product Review: Thomastik Dynamo Violin Strings

Product Review: Thomastik Dynamo Violin Strings

After four years of development with solo and orchestral violinists, Thomastik Infeld has released yet another string set for violin - DYNAMO. Said to “combine the uncombinable”, this new synthetic string set offers uncompromising performance in regard to volume, dynamic range, tone colour, playability, and response.

Having come to the Dynamo set after a 12-month stint on gut strings (namely, Pirastro Passione Solo and Oliv), some time was required to become accustomed to the slightly harder sensation under the fingers and the bow. However, this sensation quickly gave way to an ease of playing thanks to the strings’ quick response.

Thomastik Infeld opted for a tried-and-true combination of silver-wound G- and D-strings, aluminium-wound A-string, and tin-plated carbon steel E-string, all with a synthetic core (besides the E). This, in combination with the string tensions, yields a fantastic evenness across my instrument. Additionally, the quality and evenness of sound when transitioning from string to string remains whilst playing in higher positions. Though Thomastik offer only a tin-plated E-string (8.1 kg) with the Dynamo label on it, those who are seeking greater brilliance and corrosion resistance can use the higher tension Peter Infeld Platinum E (8.3 kg), or gold-plated Infeld Red E (8.0 kg) for a rounder sound.

Personally, I have found a new favourite in the Dynamo set. The texture and tone colour that these strings offer is present from pianissimo to fortissimo, making them ideal for orchestral, chamber, and solo performance scenarios. The Dynamos do not become thin in tone when played softly, and offer a very powerful, brilliant sound without being one-dimensional. Being a synthetic core string, these (of course) cannot offer the chocolatey, gutsy tone and texture that I love from Oliv and other gut strings. However, the Dynamo strings truly allow for my instrument to shine through. I mean this not only by the ‘neutral’ nature of the strings, but also by their response and playability which make it possible to explore the dynamic extremes that my instrument is capable of, without choking or becoming nasal. Though they come at a cost, these are superb strings which have served me well (along with many of my colleagues).

For reference, see the string tensions listed below:
Tension (kg)
E - 8.1
A - 5.5
D - 4.7
G - 4.7
Total - 23

Written by Joshua Smith, Assistant Showroom Manager at Simply for Strings

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