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Back to Basics: Upgrading Strings for Beginners

Back to Basics: Upgrading Strings for Beginners

If you purchased a new violin, viola or cello in January this year, it may be time to replace your strings! Read this blog post for our tips for upgrading strings for beginner players.

A beginner’s fingers are precious – making sure you avoid any germs from building up on the strings will protect your child and the instrument itself. New strings on your instrument will ensure that their instrument is producing the best sound possible, and will also encourage them to practice even more! There are lots of options available for beginner musicians, however, we’ve made a list of our favourites to suit any child!

For Violin:
Pirastro Tonica strings are perfect for any young violinist, as they create an even, bright tone across the instrument, and are quick to respond as your child continues to learn new techniques. They reward both player and listener with an open and direct sound and are suitable for any level of instrument.

If they are enjoying the violin, and you want to spoil them even more, Pirastro Evah Pirazzi or Obligato strings are perfect. These strings are formulated with high quality materials, and produce a loud, even tone across the instrument. These strings are incredibly quick to respond to any player, have an enormous dynamic range and offer great tuning stability.

For Viola:
Young violists have plenty to choose from as well, but our favourites include Pirastro Tonica and Dominant. Pirastro Tonica are great for young violists as they create an even, bright tone across the instrument, and have a quick response time. They have a substantially reduced background ‘hiss’ which can be a problem for any player. C strings can be a hassle on little violas, but Tonics remain a firm Simply for Strings, and teachers favourite.

Dominant Viola strings are great for young violists who want a sweet, mellow tone for their instrument. These strings are nice and soft under their fingers but are still quick to respond.

For Cello:
Young cellists have an exciting new option for their instruments: Jargar have spent years formulating smaller sets, and they are now available. Jargar Young Talent strings create a mellow, even tone across the instrument, and are quick to respond. No clunky sounds from these strings!

If you’re looking to spoil your cellist absolutely rotten, Larsen strings are a professionals favourite and will be forever more. They create a strong, warm tone across the instrument, and are some of the most responsive strings available, perfect for a range of playing styles.

For Double Bass:
Unfortunately, there are not as many options on the market for beginner double bassists as there is for the other instruments. But never fear! The awesome Helicore Hybrid strings are perfect for orchestral, solo and pizzicato playing. They create a great, full tone across the instrument and are easy to play bowed and pizzed.

If you’re still not sure what strings will suit your child best, don’t hesitate to send us an email, or give us a phone call. You could even pop into our lovely store, located at 78 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill, Brisbane. We can’t wait to help!

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