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A Magical Evening of Music: Christmas Strings Spectacular

A Magical Evening of Music: Christmas Strings Spectacular

The echoes of joy and the beautiful melodies are still lingering from our community Christmas carols. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the warmth and joy that filled the Old Church as we celebrated the spirit of the season together. What a magical evening it was at the Christmas Strings Spectacular! 

“Thank you, great songs and great artists - well done!”

A special note of appreciation goes out to our extraordinary special guest performers – Harper, Eli, Charlie, and Chantelle. Your musical virtuosity added an exceptional layer of magic to the event, captivating everyone present. We are truly grateful for the gift of your talent and the joy you brought to our celebration. The bonds formed and friendships forged through the shared love of music made this experience truly extraordinary for everyone involved.

"We enjoyed every single moment and stories of the performers."

Get to Know our Special Guest Performers

Special Guest Performers



Eight-year-old Eli is a talented young violinist who travelled all the way from Millmerran to be a part of Christmas Strings Spectacular. With four years of playing under his belt, Eli finds joy in sharing the happiness his music brings. He thrives on conquering challenging pieces and, despite occasional frustrations, revels in the exhilaration of mastering them.


At just 11 years old, Harper is a double threat, playing both the violin and the cello! Harper has been playing the violin for eight years and the cello for five years. Raised in Brisbane, Harper's fascination with the nuances of sound, especially the varied tones produced by different parts of the bow, makes her a standout performer.


Charlie, a 14-year-old cellist with a flair for music, was born in South Australia but has called various parts of Australia home. Despite having only played the cello for six months, Charlie has a profound connection to the music she creates. Her love for feeling the music resonates in every note.


Eight-year-old Chantelle brings a powerful presence to the ensemble with her double bass skills. From Brisbane, she has been playing the instrument for 3 and a half years, finding joy in the unique ways she can interact with the double bass, from tapping on it to dancing with the instrument. 


The afternoon kicked off with an exciting Christmas Carols workshop for our special guest performers in our Green Room. The workshop was led by our Showroom Manager, Josh, and was a harmonious blend of festive tunes and shared musical enthusiasm.

“I liked making new friends and meeting Josh. He was the nicest and best violin player ever” - Eli

The excitement continued as the Simply for Strings team and special guests gathered for a quick dress rehearsal at 5pm. Remarkably, this was the first time we all played together! The camaraderie and collaborative spirit among the team and special guests created a unique musical bond that set the stage for an unforgettable Christmas Strings Spectacular.

Concert at Simply for Strings

As the sun set, the culmination of our efforts took centre stage with the much-anticipated concert. The venue resonated with the melodic echoes of our collective performance, creating a magical atmosphere that truly captured the spirit of the season.

To our incredible community who gathered with us on the evening, your presence, singing and enthusiasm turned this event into something truly magical. The joyous atmosphere you created resonated with the spirit of togetherness and celebration. Every note played, every shared smile, and each burst of applause contributed to the symphony of joy that echoed through the night.

Christmas Strings Spectacular

As we reflect on these beautiful moments, let's carry the warmth and harmonious spirit forward into the holiday season. 

With deepest gratitude and warm wishes for a joyous and music-filled Christmas season,

Anna and the Simply for Strings team

Backstage and Post-Show photos

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