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Product Review: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Solo Cello Strings

Product Review: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Solo Cello Strings

Looking to invest in professional cello strings? Here is our review of the Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Solo Cello Strings. 

Evah Pirazzi Solo cello strings are an excellent step up from the standard Evah Pirazzi strings, which are superb in of themselves. The Soloist variety has an extra ring of quality from its fine presentation of dynamic range, to the full and powerful soloistic voice, to a lovely sweetness in the highest registers on the A string. A powerful set for the soloist with a direct, open tone and enormous expressive possibilities. As a result of the smaller diameter, these strings make it easy to change positions and to achieve a distinctive response.

This is a set that is very well balanced and really works cohesively within itself. These strings can also match up well in pairs with other strings, eg: the A & D medium option works well with gut lower strings; the G & C can work superbly in many situations where you might otherwise choose Spirocore Tungsten. The A and D strings provide an enormous brilliance and a warm fundamental tone. A and D Solo offers a good variety of tone colours, full and sweet. The G and C strings have a very pronounced core sound with great projection; a long decay and extensive lower tone spectrum. The G & C have a power that is reminiscent of Spirocore Tungsten but with more clarity and smoothness in the tone. 

The Evah Pirazzi Solo A & D strings have a single-filament high tensile steel core with chrome-steel winding. The G and C strings have a steel rope core, with a tungsten winding. They are available for 4/4 instruments in a Medium tension, which can be used on ⅞ cellos too!

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About Pirastro Strings: 

Pirastro has become a byword for a sound which is both beautiful and reliable. As a result, a great number of string musicians play and recommend Pirastro strings. With their tonal flexibility and expressive power, Pirastro strings have inspired musicians to create their own unique sound by taking full advantage of their instrument’s best qualities. Each individual string in the Pirastro line has been meticulously crafted to provide musicians with an unsurpassed choice in tonal colours. Musicians can choose from the complete range of gut strings to synthetic strings or steel. Pirastro rosins are also designed specifically for use with Pirastro strings and this combination is responsible, in no small part, for the excellent world-renowned Pirastro sound. Simply for Strings is an authorised stockist of Pirastro strings, and we order weekly to ensure you are receiving the freshest genuine Pirastro strings available.

About the Simply for Strings Cello Library:

Simply for Strings has created a trial ‘String Library’ for cellists to visit on appointment and try different string sets and/or combinations, so that we can help with their search for the sound and response they need. Here you can try before you buy, with our guidance and assistance. In this appointment, we’ll have a discussion with you before we start fitting up to three different sets on your cello. We let you trial the strings in-store to determine which strings may suit you and your needs best. And if you need, we can play your cello for you, so you can hear it as both listener and player. It’s an obligation free appointment, all you need to do is bring your cello, and prepare to fall in love with some new strings!

Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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