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Product Review: Larsen Aurora Cello Strings

Product Review: Larsen Aurora Cello Strings

Aurora are the newest string release from Larsen Strings for cello. Aurora is Larsen’s entry-level string model, offering a good sound quality at an affordable price. Here’s our quick review of this newest release!

Larsen Aurora Cello strings offer a smooth, brilliant sound without metallic overtones. They are a dependable and durable beginner string, which will improve the sound and responsiveness of the cello. These strings are a great upgrade from the basic factory strings that are fitted to many beginner cellos on the market. 

They offer a good quality sound to the full-size and fractional instruments we have fitted them to in-store, with a quick settling time. They offer a good bow response and are comfortable under the fingers.

Larsen say the entire range offers an impressive string response and playing characteristic. In developing these strings, Larsen sought to remain true to their values of high quality and consistency. 

The Larsen Aurora Cello strings all have a solid steel core. The A and D strings are wound with a corrosion resistant alloy, which aids in longevity. The G string is wound with nickel and the C string winding is made using tungsten. They are available from a 1/16 size all the way through to a 4/4 set. The 4/4 sets are available in Medium and Strong tensions, depending on what your cello requires.

To view the Larsen Data Sheets, please visit these links: Aurora Strings for Cello or Fractional Aurora

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Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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