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Product Review: Larsen Original Cello Strings

Product Review: Larsen Original Cello Strings

Here at Simply for Strings, Larsen Original Medium is the most commonly teacher-requested upgrade string for intermediate and advancing students. They are extremely popular due to their long-lasting, good quality sound and responsiveness. 

We love Larsen Strings because they produce a good quality, well-rounded characteristic cello sound. They offer a strong, bright tone, with a good richness and sweetness, especially in the upper register. They have a good dynamic range and offer good express qualities. 

For most cellos, we consider Larsen to be one of the very best choices to improve the sound of your instrument. They are very long-lasting and forgiving of rough treatment, making them great for students, but they can be much more than “student” strings depending on the cello. They produce a strong, bright tone, yet with a good richness and sweetness especially on the A string. They offer a very good response under the bow with a good dynamic range and expressive qualities. Larsen Original Medium are also extremely popular among professional musicians, with many players in the top orchestras around Australia choosing Larsen.

“We strive to produce strings that allow musicians to express the subtlest nuances in their music. Reducing the distance between composer and audience.” Larsen strings founder, Laurits Th. Larsen.

“I love playing the Larsen strings, mainly because their sound is large, aristocratic and resonant, as well as seductive, highly efficient and very noble.” Concert cellist, Philippe Muller.

Larsen Original Medium strings are the ones you’re most likely to find as upgrades on our student and intermediate cellos. Most of our intermediate model cellos have Larsen Original as standard installation. 

The Larsen Original Cello String Set 4/4 in Medium contains A & D strings wound with a special precision-rolled stainless steel flat wire and G & C Strings wound with tungsten. They offer a pronounced projection, easy response and rapid tuning stability. According to Larsen, the G & C strings have a deep, warm and focused sound with great power and personality. 

The Special Medium E string, if you’re looking for a 5th cello string, is wound with precision rolled aluminium. The 4/4 sets are available in Soft, Medium and Strong tensions depending on what sound you require, and the age of your instrument. Read the Larsen Fact Sheet here.

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Simply for Strings has created a trial ‘String Library’ for cellists to visit on appointment and try different string sets and/or combinations, so that we can help with their search for the sound and response they need. Here you can try before you buy, with our guidance and assistance. In this appointment, we’ll have a discussion with you before we start fitting up to three different sets on your cello. We let you trial the strings in-store to determine which strings may suit you and your needs best. And if you need, we can play your cello for you, so you can hear it as both listener and player. It’s an obligation free appointment, all you need to do is bring your cello, and prepare to fall in love with some new strings!

Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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