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Product Review: Pirastro Passione Cello Strings

Product Review: Pirastro Passione Cello Strings

Have you ever wanted to experiment with different types of cello strings? Pirastro Passione Cello Strings are a great place to start if you’re interested in trying out strings with a gut core. Just keep on reading to discover our thoughts on these strings.

Pirastro Passione Cello strings are very expressive and offer a quick response even in high registers. They are precise and clear, and the A & D have an “enormous” sound which is complimented by the G & C strings, which offer a brilliant tone, with a wide range of colours.

Passione cello strings are worth experimenting with for their wonderful flexibility and great tone. The metal-wound gut core of the lower two strings combines the flexibility, brightness and characteristic sound of gut with the bowing finesse offered by highest quality metal winding. 

This allows the bow excellent control while still giving the benefits of gut, and results in a delightful tone which is most enjoyable.

The A and D strings have a steel core and great responsiveness. They are very strong, outspoken strings and yet have the ability to give real delicacy when coaxed appropriately.

Passione strings, especially the gut C and G, do take several days to settle in.  Therefore don't expect them to sound at their very best immediately. They need time to settle, to mature, and after that you will find them extremely rewarding strings. 

Pirastro themselves recommend pairing the Passione C and G strings with either Evah pirazzi Gold A and D, or Pirastro Perpetual Soloist A and D strings. This gives a very wide range of superb possibilities to suit the musician's tastes and to suit a specific cello's quirks and needs.

The A & D strings have a single filament steel core and are wound with chrome-steel. The G & C strings have a hand-wound polished gut core, and are wound with chrome-steel and tungsten, respectively. The A & D strings are available in soft, medium and strong tensions, and the G and C strings are manufactured in three gauges in steps of ½ PM. If you’re not sure what gauge you’ll need, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team.

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About Pirastro Strings: 

Pirastro has become a byword for a sound which is both beautiful and reliable. As a result, a great number of string musicians play and recommend Pirastro strings. With their tonal flexibility and expressive power, Pirastro strings have inspired musicians to create their own unique sound by taking full advantage of their instrument’s best qualities. Each individual string in the Pirastro line has been meticulously crafted to provide musicians with an unsurpassed choice in tonal colours. Musicians can choose from the complete range of gut strings to synthetic strings or steel. Pirastro rosins are also designed specifically for use with Pirastro strings and this combination is responsible, in no small part, for the excellent world-renowned Pirastro sound. Simply for Strings is an authorised stockist of Pirastro strings, and we order weekly to ensure you are receiving the freshest genuine Pirastro strings available.

About the Simply for Strings Cello Library:

Simply for Strings has created a trial ‘String Library’ for cellists to visit on appointment and try different string sets and/or combinations, so that we can help with their search for the sound and response they need. Here you can try before you buy, with our guidance and assistance. In this appointment, we’ll have a discussion with you before we start fitting up to three different sets on your cello. We let you trial the strings in-store to determine which strings may suit you and your needs best. And if you need, we can play your cello for you, so you can hear it as both listener and player. It’s an obligation free appointment, all you need to do is bring your cello, and prepare to fall in love with some new strings!

Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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