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Product Review: Thomastik Spirocore Cello Strings

Product Review: Thomastik Spirocore Cello Strings

Thomastik Spirocore Cello strings are some of the most popular strings available for advanced and professional cellists. Learn more about the sound they offer, what they are made from and the string colour chart by reading on. 

For many years Spirocore Tungsten has been the main choice among many advanced and professional cellists for their lower strings because they provide great power and quite a pleasant rich, “gravelly” tone. Thomastik Spirocore Cello strings offer a distinctive, clear sound. They suit a variety of instruments and are very responsive across the entire range of the cello. They are a little more forgiving of not-so-great bow technique in comparison to Thomastik Versum.

The three options for G and C strings give a great variety of choice, to provide the sound you are seeking. 

The most popular of these in Brisbane is Spirocore Tungsten C & G, usually paired with Larsen Soloist A & D. This gives a very powerful, full, warm sound to most cellos. 

The chrome-wound option for the lower strings brings more clarity, still with plenty of volume but not the same rich, gravelly sound as the tungsten variety. If you are after loud lower strings with a more precise, clear tone, then chrome is the option for you. For locations with excessive humidity or players with sweaty hands, chrome winding is possibly the best option.

Spirocore Silver-wound lower strings offer a bowing response and tone that is closer to the more traditional gut-core sound. This C & G pair of strings is the softest of the three options, still offering plenty of volume when needed, and requires a more controlled approach to bowing. When they are properly understood and mastered, they provide a very pleasing playing experience. 

On the Thomastik Sound Chart Spirocore is in the Brilliant/Focussed quadrant. In terms of both brilliance and focus, Thomastik lists them as a little above mid-way: so not excessively bright, and with a pleasing level of focus without becoming too “hard”. Several options available for specific tone or response needs

Thomastik Spirocore Cello strings have a flexible multi-wire spiral steel rope core, and the A & D strings are wound with the choice of aluminium or chrome. The G and C are wound with the choice of chrome, silver or tungsten. They are available in three tension varieties for 4/4 instruments (Light, Medium and Heavy) and are available in a Medium tension from 1/4 to 3/4. 

Spirocore strings can be identified by their red (Cherry) silk winding on the tailpiece end of the string. The peg end varies to indicate tension (light = yellow, medium = red, heavy = green). Individual strings can be identified by the ball colour (A = brass, D = copper, G = chrome, C = brass).

About Thomastik Strings:

“Music strings of the highest quality – this is both the incentive and obligation of Thomastik-Infeld. Based in Vienna, we have been developing and producing strings with the vastest range of tone colors since 1919. Our progressive string developments have revolutionized the music world repeatedly. 100 years of experience, pioneering research in the field of string technology and material science as well as groundbreaking developments in mechanical engineering create tone and inspiration day after day. Whether for bowed, plucked or world music instruments – our Viennese strings impress on streets and stages all over the world and are played enthusiastically by musicians of all genres.”

About the Simply for Strings Cello String Library:

Simply for Strings has created a trial ‘String Library’ for cellists to visit on appointment and try different string sets and/or combinations, so that we can help with their search for the sound and response they need. Here you can try before you buy, with our guidance and assistance. In this appointment, we’ll have a discussion with you before we start fitting up to three different sets on your cello. We let you trial the strings in-store to determine which strings may suit you and your needs best. And if you need, we can play your cello for you, so you can hear it as both listener and player. It’s an obligation free appointment, all you need to do is bring your cello, and prepare to fall in love with some new strings!

Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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