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Bow Cases

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Simply for Strings stocks a wide range of cases and case accessories for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Make your choice from cases and accessories manufactured by BAM, Gewa, TG, Protec, HQ, Simply for Strings and more. We have a huge range of cases for all budgets. All of our violin cases and case accessories ship in a secure and well-packed box for safe arrival to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a case just for my bow?

Bows are quite a fragile piece of equipment. A lot of players will use bow cases when transporting a bow by itself, for storing a spare bow, or when travelling as an extra precaution to protect their bow. Sometimes cases, as is the case with the BAM Hightech Cabin case which is designed to be small enough to be carry on luggage during a flight, do not have interior space for a bow. This means that a bow case necessary for transporting the bow.

What are bow cases made of?

Bow cases are made from a variety of materials. The basic bow case is resin with a fabric covering, these are the type that you will see most commonly for double bass bow cases. Other types of bow cases include the sturdier aluminium and polycarbonate bow cases. These are more common for violin/viola/cello bows as they are much more compact. They will usually have interior padding but for some cases, we would recommend a bow sleeve to properly protect your violin.

What is inside the bow case?

For the cases with the fabric outside such as the TG bow cases, they will generally have a velvet lining similar to the interior of a violin case. For the aluminium and polycarbonate cases with usually have foam padding on the inside. It is important to check before purchasing as some will not have interior padding and as such a velvet bow sleeve is recommended to ensure the bow's safety. If you're not sure what bow case would suit you best, get in touch with our friendly team of string musicians today.

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