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If you want to keep your instrument in excellent playing condition, it is best to be knowledgeable about the different violin parts, especially if you're a beginner. Why? Because if you're taking your instrument seriously, you should know it like the back of your hand. Also, if one part of the violin is not working correctly, it can affect the sound quality. So, you need to know which needs replacement or repair.

Simply for Strings has a vast range of violin parts to choose from that come from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Wittner, Despiau, Aubert and more. From tailpieces to pegs, you will find what you need here to take good care of your violin and make it last a lifetime.

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The Different Violin Parts You Should Know

Some parts of the violin are more commonly used than others. Hence, those parts are more prone to wear and tear. So, knowing every violin part is essential in keeping the overall quality of your instrument in check.

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The violin's bridge is an arch-shaped wooden structure that holds the strings in place. You'll find it directly between the two F holes in the middle of the violin. The bridge holds the strings at the correct height above the fingerboard, enabling players to press down the strings with ease.

The bridge is one of the violin parts which plays a significant role in producing the instrument's tone quality. Each bridge is hand-carved by luthiers who can adjust the bridge to optimise the sound to your tonal preference. The reason a violin bridge must be hand-carved is primarily due to the complexity of its design and the fine adjustments required.

The bridge needs to be precisely shaped and fitted to the individual violin. Each violin has unique characteristics, including its arching, thickness, and curvature, which influence the sound it produces. Consequently, the bridge must be customised to match the specific instrument's dimensions and characteristics to achieve the best sound quality


The fingerboard is one of the violin parts that you'll instantly recognise. Typically made from ebony for it's durability and density, the fingerboard is fitted to the neck of the instrument. Its texture is smooth and has an arch shape to assist violinists in bowing one string at a time. This part is essential in the delicate playing of violin pieces as it serves as a platform on which the fingers can press down to produce the sound.

Peg Tuners

Also known as tuning pegs, these adjust your violin strings by tightening (higher and sharper pitch) or loosening (lower and flatter pitch) so that your instrument is in tune. The pegs have a tapered shape, with a narrower end that is inserted into the pegbox and a thicker end that protrudes from the other side. This taper allows the pegs to be turned to adjust the tension of the strings, thereby tuning the violin. The thicker end of the pegs features a small, round knob or head, which provides a grip for turning the peg.


The violin tailpiece is a triangular component located at the bottom end of the violin. Its purpose is to anchor and secure the strings below the bridge. The tailpiece sometimes features inbuilt fine-tuners, which players can use to make small tuning adjustments.

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