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String Instrument Rentals

Celebrate expression through musicality and experience creative freedom with our Simply for Strings Rental Program where we invite you to learn at your own pace. No strings attached.


At Simply for Strings, we are honoured to be able to help, guide and inspire you in your musical journey to find your musical voice by supporting you to find your perfect string match. Designed for those who wish to try more than one instrument from the different string families before buying, or those who are wishing to test the waters in learning a string instrument before purchasing, each instrument in our rental program is in quality condition and can be ready to take home immediately.

Test the water before diving in with our obligation-free instrument rentals

Have our strings guide you on your musical learning journey. Or let the beauty of our handcrafted stringed instruments ignite your child’s curiosity for music.

Violins & Violas $35/month.
Cello $60/month.

Double Bass $140/month


Our Professional Set Up

Every instrument in our rental program comes with high quality strings and bow, and has been inspected, played, and tonally adjusted by our professional luthiers. And when you apply in-store, a Simply for Strings team member will match you up with the right sized instrument to fit you.

Bonuses to Strike a Chord

Every team member here at Simply for Strings is a passionate strings player. Enjoy tailored advice and insightful tips on how to get the most out of your playing. Included in your instrument rental is also: rosin, luggage tag, cleaning cloth, tuning, adjustments, and instrument servicing during your rental period.

Rental Protection Plans

All manufacturing faults will be repaired free of charge*. However, to protect you and your instrument, we offer a range of Rental Protection Plans to cover up to 75% of all repairs required from accidental damage. Monthly Rental Protection Plans available for: +$10 p/m for violin and viola, +$15 p/m for cello, +$20 p/m for double bass. (*excludes strings and bow hair.)

Terms to fit you

Our goal? To help you forge a musical path that will have you playing on for life. You begin with a 3-month minimum contract, where you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your instrument properly. If you’d like to continue your rental after your initial 3-month contract ends, your rental agreement will be billed on a monthly basis. At any time, you can change your instrument size (subject to availability).

Things to Know

1) The renter agrees to hire the instrument for a minimum period of three (3) months with one (1) month's payment up-front.
2) The renter agrees to having the monthly payments debited from their account on the same of each month, until the rental instrument is returned.
3) The renter agrees to notify Simply for Strings of any updated credit card details within 30 days of change. The renter must return the instrument within 24 hours if Simply for Strings is not notified of these changes. 
4) The renter agrees to provide a copy of a current driver's license and a valid credit card for security and identification purposes to Simply for Strings.
5) If a rental payment is not received within seven (7) days after it is due, a $5.00 penalty will be charged per week for every week that the account is delinquent.
6) Simply for Strings can declare a renter to be in default if;
-The renter fails to pay scheduled rental payments and late charges within seven (7) days of the scheduled payment.
-The renter fails to return instrument within 30 days of unsuccessful payment.
-The renter provides inaccurate or misleading information on the agreement.
-Any other circumstances that SFS feels endangers the safety of the instrument.
7) If Simply for Strings declares the renter to be in default of this agreement, the renter must return the instrument within 24 hours or it will be subject to repossession.
8) The renter agrees to insure the instrument OR to cover the cost of the instrument against loss or damage and to pay Simply for Strings either the market value or full cost of repairs.
-If the renter has taken out a Monthly Rental Protection, Simply for Strings will cover the cost of damage up to 75%. Not applicable on string or bow breakages.
10) All repairs must be carried out by the Simply for Strings workshop.
11) Simply for Strings is not liable for any string breakages or bow damage while it is out on rental.

Free AU shipping over $99