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Our Advice on Improving Your Sound

Our Advice on Improving Your Sound

Have you noticed a change in your instrument's sound? Or is it time for an upgrade? It may not be that you need a new bow or instrument straight away. We recommend trying some of these options below to get the most from your current playing partner.

Whether it’s time to upgrade your strings, bow or even instrument, our friendly team are all qualified musicians who understand the nuances of each and every different product we stock. Let us help you find the sound that suits you.

Is your bow sounding scratchy?
If you've noticed that your instrument is sounding dull or scratchy, it might be time to upgrade your rosin. If your rosin is old and flaky, why not try new rosin? New and upgraded rosin will help create a smoother tone and a quicker response.

Clean the old rosin off your bow with a dry, clean microfibre cloth before applying the new rosin. You'll be surprised how much rosin really is on your bow!


Trial a new bow
A new bow can be a more affordable way of upgrading your sound before upgrading your instrument. A bow can make a dramatic difference to your sound quality and playing experience. There is no exact science to match your instrument and bow, but Simply for Strings offers a large range of bows in every price bracket. Set aside some time and come and visit us in store to try some bows that may unlock your instruments potential. Read our guide to buying a bow here.

Update your tailpiece
If you play on an older instrument, you may have a heavier tailpiece fitted. We recommend using the Wittner Ultralight tailpieces. They are constructed using a composite material, which is strong without adding unnecessary weight to the instrument. The less weight, the better, as it will allow for a more clearer tone from your instrument.

Is your instrument sounding dull?
If your violin, viola, cello or double bass has lost its usual tone, it may be time to change your bridge and soundpost. Bridges and soundposts generally need replacing every 3-5 years, to keep your instrument and its sound in optimal condition. Simply for Strings employs two professionally trained luthiers who are dedicated to helping your instrument fulfil its potential. No matter how small or extensive the damage may be, they offer professional consultations on all stringed instruments needing servicing or repair. Get in touch with our workshop team and arrange an appointment today.

If you're unsure whether your soundpost or bridge is in the correct position, visit our friendly team for a consultation. Your soundpost should be sitting straight and snug within the body of the instrument, and the bridge should be sitting straight and carved precisely to match the contour of your instrument.

Why not try a string refresh?
A string upgrade is one of the easiest ways to upgrade/refresh your sound. Whether you’re wanting a louder, brighter tone for all of your solo playing, or a rounded, mellow tone for orchestral work, our team of experts can find the perfect string to suit you and your instrument. If you've had the strings on your violin for a couple of years, it's definitely time for a refresh. If you notice any rusting or unravelling, visit Simply for Strings for a complimentary fitting with any purchase of strings.
Check out our full range of strings, or bring your instrument into the store for a personalised consultation with one of our string experts.

When to upgrade your instrument...
The fact is as a musician improves their skills and ability, so must their instruments. An upgraded instrument can offer the musician an unparalleled playing experience from the practice room to the concert hall. Simply for Strings sources a range of beginner, intermediate, and professional violins, violas, cellos and double basses from makers and manufacturers all over the world. Read our guide to upgrading your instrument here.

We hope the above tips and advice are helpful for any instrumentalist looking to take their sound to the next level. Contact us today for personalised advice or drop into our store at Red Hill, Brisbane.

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