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Product Review: Pirastro Obligato and Evah Pirazzi Cello Strings

Product Review: Pirastro Obligato and Evah Pirazzi Cello Strings

Pirastro Obligato and Evah Pirazzi are two of the most popular Pirastro string offerings across violin, viola and cello. If you’re looking for a professional quality string, and not sure whether Pirastro Obligato or Evah Pirazzi will suit your cello best, make sure you read the rest of this post!

First up, Pirastro Obligato Cello Strings.

Obligato cello strings have a powerful and bright sound, yet they also have a nice amount of warmth to their tone, and the  brightness is strong and clear without any harshness. They have a good range of overtones and beauty and purity of sound and they are excellent for lifting the spirits of the cello that is perhaps a little dull and unresponsive.

They have a long lifespan depending on their usage, with our resident cellist, Michael, having seen strings last for several years on a student’s full size instrument. We do recommend changing strings every 8-12 months if you're practising daily, as the strings and their sound will simply deteroriate over time.

Obligato C and G strings have a similar quality to gut, with the added advantages of stability (provided by the synthetic core) and the power of tungsten in the windings. 

Pirastro Obligato Cello A string is a steel core, and the D, G and C strings cores are made with modern synthetic multi-strand fibres. The A & D strings are wound with chrome-steel and the G & C strings are wound with tungsten. They offer a big, bright and brilliant sound and are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. They are offered in a Medium tension for 4/4 size instruments.

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Next up, Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Cello strings.

Evah Pirazzi cello strings are a very good quality string and they offer a full, expressive tone. They offer great response to the bow and an excellent expressive nature.  Their core is reasonably flexible, making them very comfortable and easy to play. The upper strings also pair well with other types of string, making them useful when finding solutions for troublesome cellos. The C & G strings offer great power when required.

They are also available in a second size: “½ to ¾”,  providing a very good option for fractional cellos where the need is for absolutely premium quality sound and responsiveness.

Evah Pirazzi strings give a lovely warm sound with plenty of associated brightness and good range of dynamics. They have a steel core, so they do last quite a long time. We have noticed the brightness will gradually drop off over the first several months and there will be a little bit more warmth in their tone.

Evah Pirazzi A & D strings have a single-filament high tensile steel core, and the G & C strings have a steel rope core. The A & D strings are wound with chrome-steel and the G & C strings are wound with tungsten.

Evah Pirazzi cello strings offer a great brilliance combined with a warm core sound. The transition from the D- to the G-string is smooth, whereas the G-string offers even more depth and a greater sound volume. The C-string has a powerful open sound, vibrates freely and offers enormous possibilities for advancing and professional cellists. They offer excellent dynamic responsiveness and are also well-suited to electric cellos or amplification in general. They are available in Light, Medium and Strong tensions in a 4/4 size, and ¾-½ in a medium tension.

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About Pirastro Strings

Pirastro has become a byword for a sound which is both beautiful and reliable. As a result, a great number of string musicians play and recommend Pirastro strings. With their tonal flexibility and expressive power, Pirastro strings have inspired musicians to create their own unique sound by taking full advantage of their instrument’s best qualities. Each individual string in the Pirastro line has been meticulously crafted to provide musicians with an unsurpassed choice in tonal colours. Musicians can choose from the complete range of gut strings to synthetic strings or steel. Pirastro rosins are also designed specifically for use with Pirastro strings and this combination is responsible, in no small part, for the excellent world-renowned Pirastro sound. Simply for Strings is an authorised stockist of Pirastro strings, and we order weekly to ensure you are receiving the freshest genuine Pirastro strings available.

About the Cello String Library

Simply for Strings has created a trial ‘String Library’ for cellists to visit on appointment and try different string sets and/or combinations, so that we can help with their search for the sound and response they need. Here you can try before you buy, with our guidance and assistance. In this appointment, we’ll have a discussion with you before we start fitting up to three different sets on your cello. We let you trial the strings in-store to determine which strings may suit you and your needs best. And if you need, we can play your cello for you, so you can hear it as both listener and player. It’s an obligation free appointment, all you need to do is bring your cello, and prepare to fall in love with some new strings!

Read more about our Cello String Library here and visit our blog for more cello resources.

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